Lovely Song

There is a moment when you find a song is so in tune with you that it keeps repeated over and over. I don’t know why I am so in love with Never Gonna Leave You by Us. I just heard this song two days ago and keep listening to this song after it’s downloaded. I didn’t even know abot Us duo before, and now I keep listening to their song. 😆


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Coffee Effect

I can never fathom why Indonesian people (especially the adults) would always ask this whenever they saw a girl drinking coffee; “why does a girl like you drinking coffee?”
I mean, is it considered rude or weird if us girls having a coffee-drinking habit? That would be ridiculous if you ask my opinion, since drinking coffee doesn’t depend on genders. Care to elaborate why they tend to ask this kind of question?

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What an ESL student needs for skill improvement

I had a new lecturer for conversation class yesterday, and there was a bit of bad impression when he asked us to give three-minutes speech based from one of random topics in small folded papers we picked from a jar. I got a topic about preference between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, so I gave my choice and explained it as much and good as I can. Phew, that’s a tough one to do. 😆

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Nganggur? Blogging Then?

Suatu kali aku iseng ngintipin forum WordPress Indonesia, itung-itung buang bonus. Mungkin udah ada tau, salah satu threadnya membahas topik “Ngeblog hanya untuk orang pengangguran.” Penasaran juga nih, tapi kayaknya kelangsungan thread ini ga begitu jelas deh… Karena komengnya juga ga banyak. Rada kecewa juga, soalnya kalo banyak yang membahas kan seru tuh… Jadinya, mungkin aku bakal bahas di sini aja daripada di forum ga ada cerita mengenai topik ini.

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When I think about Marriage..

Happy Tuesday!

Since I got a feedback from Vera Parrocha to write English posts more often, I decide I should do it today for a start. In advance, thanks to Vera for giving me a good feedback on my ‘about me’ page. I know I should have writen more English posts since I’m taking English major, and I’ve mentioned a lot in my previous I bahasa posts that I really want to use English more in my posts. It’s one of my post goal, actually. Lol.

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