A little (beautiful) Japanese Boy?

Related to my post about my college trip months ago , I recalled a little experience in visiting Prambanan Temple last March. I’ve made an Indonesian post about my college trip in Yogyakarta before, so you can read it if you want (in case if you’re Indonesian). Now I don’t want to tell the entire story about my visit, only a simple story in that event.

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Kapan Yaa? Kapan-Kapan!!

Membaca post Mas Dani yang berapi-api tentang pertanyaan “kapan menikah?”, sebenarnya kalau dipikir-pikir aku juga sampai kenyang ditanya pertanyaan macam begini. Habis mau protes juga sama aja tuh, ga ngaruh juga dengan sifat manusia Indonesia yang “ramah”-nya memang agak melewati tanda palang pembatas. Kepingin sih, bilangnya “maklumkan saja..” Tapi kalau gini, bukannya kita yang ditanya ini ya, yang harusnya dimaklumkan kalau merasa tersinggung?

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Small Reward

How’s your feeling when it’s supposed to be an important day and everything’s already prepared, but suddenly your shoe heel broke? That’s a pretty moodkill yesterday. I had a group presentation and came to campus in my best appearance (with formal suits and black formal higheels), but everything crashed when the heel of my right shoe broke. God, I felt like crying at the moment. I glued the heel with wood glue just for temporary repairment because I didn’t have any time buying the new one. I think God must have pitied me because my presentation went so well and I got a small reward as the best speaker of the presentation. Only a Silverquint Chunkybar chocolate, and though I felt like a child recieving a thing like this I was undoubtely happy.

my reward

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