Cardcaptor Sakura’s Sequel? I Just Knew It!!

It’s probably a bit shame for me, as a big fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, haven’t known about the sequel until yesterday when suddenly I got the urge to read its review on Wikipedia. On the last part of story plot explanation, it mentioned about Sakura and Syaoran reunited after two years separation as middle school students. I felt confused because I believed there’s no episode which showed the scene like this, so I then tried to read through the story list. Just after this I finally realized that the mentioned scene was in the sequel mangas. Oh, great!

As usual, the artwork of Clamp is the best! Though I could only read the scanlations, it’s really a huge relief to finally be able to read the sequel. I’m at my highest point of happiness right now. 😄😄😄

I’m really hoping Indonesian publishers will get the authoritization and get it published here soon. I’ll definitely buy every volume manga without hesitation! btw, some says the anime will be aired next year. Hopefully it’ll be aired in Indonesia soon. Let’s cross finger for Sakura coming to Indonesia as a lovely and cute middle schooler!!