Being a Fan

One thing I love about Fans forum discussion or if some fans made blog posts discussing about their idol, is that they make you realize you’re not the only one who holds an interest towards certain public figures. For example, I’ve been a great fan of Owl City and currently have a sight on JKT48, but not many people I know in my neighbor town who have similar interest to either of them. In fact, most of my friends don’t even recognise Owl City or think that JKT48 worth enough attention. Naturally I rarely talk about my favorite things so I guess it’s understandable if I couldn’t find anyone who is also fan of Owl City or JKT48. It makes me wonder if I was just being coward to speak out about my interest. ๐Ÿ˜†

Two of my college classmates are big fans of SuJu and often being together talking about its concerts, reality shows, songs and PVs almost EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE. At first I thought it’s so annoying to see them spending their time spooning and cooing how SuJu was so awesome, or their shows were so funny or else. It’s just so weird, you know, because at school you’re supposed to talk about subjects and schoolworks instead of a bunch of almost-too-perfect men who won’t even realize that you exist and fancy them. I’ve been in love with all Adam Young songs in both Owl City and Sky Sailing MP, but that doesn’t mean I have to talk about it all day with the others and underestimate the importance of school time. Moreover, I was the first one who talked about SuJu and K-Pop so it was kinda awkward to see them so into SuJu more than I was. I, on the other hand, like Owl City and JKT48 who both are famous, but still feel like I’m so alone because I don’t find anyone who’s interested enough to discuss with. It looks like I feel envy with their enthusiasm. ๐Ÿ˜

Now, back to first things I mentioned above. Since I don’t have any friend to discuss, fans forum and blog posts kind of fill my loneliness as a fan who can’t discuss her idol with other people in real world. In internet forums and blogs I can make comment to discuss with other fans and give my personal opinion of my favorite public figures. Though I’m separated by a big amount of distance with them, I always look forward to talking with other fans and create more friendships with new people in similar interests. Actually, having a blog in general is also because of them same reason, that I have way too many things to discuss but no one up for them. Having a discussion with other bloggers is actually more active and valuable than in socmed, somehow. It’s not like there’s no group in socmed that holds a good discussion, but mostly the TL just get flooded by lame and OOT posts. Sorry, in my opinion blog gives better chance for good discussions that is similar in forum.

By the way, I’ve been reading JKT48 general thread in for hours. My eyes got tired… I don’t know if I could read all of pages since the thread has more than 390 pages. At first I tried to read it backward from page 392, but I felt dizzy so I chose to read from the first page. So far I’m still on 40-ish. Ugh.. I hope I can make it, I’m too curious to stop it now. But I feel safer being a silent reader than joing the thread. I’m too self-conscious to be in discussion.

Anyway, anyone also a fan of either Owl City or JKT48? I’m still a casual fan of both but I’d love to talk and share a lot of things with you guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

I almost forget to bid my greeting for Idul Fitri. Minal Aidin Waal Faidzin, I heartfully beg your forgiveness for every mistakes I’ve been consciously or unconsciously doing in all post I’ve made. Happy Idul Fitri 1434 H for all Muslim societies. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yang menginspirasi : Bashaer Othman

Good day, people! And happy working for those busy workers. Last post aku uring-uringan sendiri gara-gara cengok ngeliat tweet Adam Young yang dengan tiba-tiba berisikan bahasa AL4Y. Pengennya pura-pura mikir kalo itu cuma khayalan ato spekulasi terbesar akun twitternya di hack alien AL4Y. Yaah.. Ternyata setelah ngetweet “4n4k l4y4ng4n -____-“, doi kembali seperti semula.
Seneng sih seneng tweetnya normal lagi.. Tapi akhirnya udah pasti tweet AL4Y yang sebelum-sebelumnya emang asli dia yang posting.. (=_=x)9

How Adam Young became an Alay makes us the fans exploded. Way to go, Adam..

Heh.. Ya sudah gx usah dibahas. Bisa botak nanti. Kemarin Aku udah bilang kepingin bahas tentang seorang remaja inspiratif. Walaupun asalnya bukan dari Indonesia sih, melainkan dari Palestina. Kalo kemarin ada yang sempat nonton acara “Inbox” di SCTV kemarin pasti pada tahu, soalnya ada wawancara dengan cewek 100% cantik dan manis ini. Yap, she is Bashaer Othman, the world’s youngest mayor. Umurnya masih muda, 15 tahun dan statusnya sebagai pelajar kelas 1 SMA. Ia mendapat kesempatan untuk memerintah kotanya selama dua bulan di bawah bimbingan wali kota yang sedang menjabat. Menurut wawancara di Inbox, selama jabatan dua bulan tersebut Othman mampu membangun pabrik dan taman-taman untuk anak-anak. Ia mengganti dewan kota yang dijabat oleh orang yang lebih dewasa dari dirinya dengan teman sebayanya untuk membantu dalam kepemimpinannya selama 2 bulan. Weh weh.. Walaupun cuma dua bulan, tapi bisa membuktikan diri sebagai pemimpin. Di sebuah situs internet, ia menyatakan bahwa pekerjaan tersebut merupakan sesuatu yang menarik dan menyenangkan. Tapi ia juga sadar akan tanggung jawab yang diberikan kepadanya.

“It’s not about the title, but it’s a responsibility.”

Wawancara dengan Kompas


Trus tujuan kedatangannya ke Indonesia, adalah memenuhi undangan World Peace Movement untuk menerima The Worlds Youngest Mayor Award dari Royal Word Records. Yang favoriteku tuh artikel di Kompas. Sebagai wanita Palestina muslim, ia tetap memegang aturan bahwa dalam Islam tidak diperbolehkan adanya hubungan wanita dan pria selain pernikahan. Coba di Indonesia, jaah.. Belum juga nikah, gaya pacaran udah membabi buta gx tau aturan. Bandingin donk ama Palestina yang keadaannya masih krisis kemerdekaan, generasi muda malah salah kaprah soal kebebasan. Yah.. Itu lah ya, kita emang musti banyak berbenah terhadap cerminan masyarakat dan negara ini. Generasi muda apatis sama politik, wong kitanya gx di kasih kesempatan sama yang tuho-tuho. Asal maju, dianggapnya ini itu, gx dipercaya. Belum lagi korupsi, money gaming, wajah-wajah lama juga yang main. Gimana mau maju? Yang kitanya juga, bagaikan kerupuk melempem tapi koar-koar macam bebek. Pas rame aja besar omong, sok nasionalis padahal asal ikut. Giliran sendirian, ya gitcuh deeh.. Hahai.

Kalo mau liat fotonya, ada nih;

Bashaer Othman


hegh.. Cantiknyaa..
Ehek, udah cantik pinter pula. Wanita idaman. Moga-moga gw punya anak kayak dia.. XD ah gitulah.. Ni atu manusia keren banget. Menginspirasi. Good Good ๐Ÿ˜€

1’m soO ShoCK!!

I’m coming back with new post people. Gimana ceritamu hari ini? Hari ini buat mengusir galaunya hati gara-gara gx bisa free-hospoting di kampus, Aku iseng blogwalking. Meh, gx sengaja ketemu blognya si Jojo alias Joshua Suherman ‘obok-obok boy’. Ceilah.. Doi aktif juga curhat di blog. Aseeek.. Ini nih alamatnya;

Agak alay nih, masa’ cravingforpukpuk? Kalo aku baca postingannya sih, lumayan menghibur. Berbakat juga jadi blogger, soalnya topik-topiknya seger. Weh-weh.. Awalnya gx yakin tuh orang beneran Jojo ‘obok-obok’ atau bukan. Begitu liat post tentang performance-nya di Stand Up Comedy, hegh??!! WOW AKU TERKEJHUDD. XD AHAHA ya gx laah.. Alay amir.

Nah, ngomongin tentang AL4Y, sempat shock dengan suatu kejadian aneh bin ajaib di Twitter. Entah gimana itu caranya ya.. Tiba-tiba Adam Young “Owl City” ngetweet bahasa planet AL4Y sampe jadi heboh di retweet ribuan orang. Tweetnya cuma ngomong “Kopi Luwak” dan “Nasi goreng”, tapi pake AL4Y T3XT!nG yang sumpah gx genah sama sekali. Adooh.. Tanggung jawab nih para AL4Y-kers ngajarin beib Adam chimie-chimie qoeh thayhank bahasa tidak mendidik begini. Huhu.. Entah apakah beib Adam lagi sadar 100% waktu tweet begituan, yang jelah daku tetep denial kalo itu bener tweet dia. Yaquin tuh pasti dihack manusia AL4Y Biadab yang pengin eksis.. Huuuh… Sampe saat ini doi belum tweet apapun selain 3 tweet GaJe terakhir. Nah lhooo.. Bener pasti kena hack! GW KAGAK RELA KEMURNIAN ADAM YOUNG DAN MASTERPIECE MUSICNYA TERNODAI AL4Y JAHAT. CUKUP RADITHYA DIKA YANG JADI KORBAN. Lho koq jadi kesitu? Haha. :p

“Even IF you really tweeted all those hillarious tweets, I’m going to be a denial and pretend to think that you’re drunk when doing that. Sorry, Adam Young.”

Meeh.. Beib Adam, kamu kesambet setan AL4Y K4MS3UP4Y dari mana? Uuuh.. 1 aM SoO Sh0cK tOd4y!


Ancur dah dunia. (-_-“)a


Gapapa deh, gw tetep suka Owl City en Sky Sailing. Apapun yang terjadi, I loph yu polepel epel beib qoeh Adam Young.. :*

halah.. Met malam aja deh. Next time ngoceh tentang remaja inspiratif. Until next post kay?