Still in Love with Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura has always been one of my favorite animes since I first saw it in 5th grade. Wow, times sure had flown by, and now I’m 21. They said it’s never too old for manga and anime, and I couldn’t agree more. Even by only watching three episodes of CCS’s first season could still give me wonderful effect. I’m still a little child deep inside my heart. Remembering how I would be so eager to go home and got mad whenever I had to wait for my little brother ’cause I didn’t want to miss the show, made me so embarrased of myself. Now, I should thank internet for giving me an opportunity to watch it again after these years. I’m so, so happy that I can’t contain my excitement. Oh gosh! 😀

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Power Problem

Living in world where you’re being surrounded by all technologies, makes people become dependent with them. Especially when it comes to electricity problem, since this is an important energy source. I’ve been struggling with powers out several times in this month, once even for two days straight. I use two phones, and one I usually use for internet often died before I even had any chance to recharge it. No generator set available. We stuck with candles and torchs. Some creepy moment? You have no idea. And the top of all, mosquitoes. Damn those little blood-sucker bugs made me freaking crazy. How wonderful, being accompanied by bugs, not a lover. 😆

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No Finish Line, No Target

Though I don’t watch Bollywood films and listen to Indian songs, hearing about Shahruhk Khan’s visit for his concert is a good thing for me. I’ve always been inspired by a figure like Shahruhk Khan, who isn’t only succes in his carrier as an actor, but also in business property and life. He is what we can call as a greatness in life achievement; he is in age 47, but is one of the most energetic figures I’ve ever known. It may be coming from his performances to dance in Bollywood films. He seems so ageless in every film he roled in. Listening his answers in the interview with MNC TV yesterday had made me wonder how a man like Shahruhk Kan can be a perfect inspiration. As he said in that interview, “I have no finish line, I have no target.” He never has any finish line or target to limit his passion. As long as he has pleasure and love in doing what he’d like to do, there’s not about earning money, popularity and/anyelse anymore. I felt some kind of great courage after hearing those words, like my pleasure in learning English.

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