No Finish Line, No Target

Though I don’t watch Bollywood films and listen to Indian songs, hearing about Shahruhk Khan’s visit for his concert is a good thing for me. I’ve always been inspired by a figure like Shahruhk Khan, who isn’t only succes in his carrier as an actor, but also in business property and life. He is what we can call as a greatness in life achievement; he is in age 47, but is one of the most energetic figures I’ve ever known. It may be coming from his performances to dance in Bollywood films. He seems so ageless in every film he roled in. Listening his answers in the interview with MNC TV yesterday had made me wonder how a man like Shahruhk Kan can be a perfect inspiration. As he said in that interview, “I have no finish line, I have no target.” He never has any finish line or target to limit his passion. As long as he has pleasure and love in doing what he’d like to do, there’s not about earning money, popularity and/anyelse anymore. I felt some kind of great courage after hearing those words, like my pleasure in learning English.

A week ago, we were enganged in a conversation with our lecturer about our study. When I got my turn to talk, I said to them that until now I’ve never considered myself to be a teacher or able to have this job after graduating from college. If my most important goal is to be a teacher, it doesn’t have to be English. I recalled one of my friends said to me that usually people who were good in English would never take job as English teachers, they only liked to learn simply because of hobby. I didn’t exactly dissagree with her since it’s not been my intention to be a teacher, but I did imagined myself to be one. I mean, when you have enough skills and chance to teach English, why would you not want to take it? Still, the most important thing is about learning English. I won’t become a teacher, or not capable of being a good teacher, it doesn’t bother me at all. Nevertheless I will always love learning English. It’s still and will always be my passion. I don’t want to put teacing job as target and finish line. I don’t want to learn English just to gain money by being a teacher, and I never want to finish on being a teacher. I also never intend to be a civil servant after that just because it gains more sallary, and I can’t understand why Indonesian teachers would always target on being civil servants. Then after you got that title, what would you do? Is that your final goal? If it is, then I won’t be surprised if Indonesia’s education is still as same as before.

So if you have any interest in your life and you are determined to pursue it, do it like it’d be the last thing you do. Just go on because there’s no finish line to hinder you. Target can exsists to challenge youreslf, but make efforts on passing, not reaching. If you could pass beyond all targets, they will be vanished as if never exsist at all. Jia You!

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