Friday’s Talk : How Gadgets Could Affect My Life

The first gadget I had ever afforded was a mobile phone bought with allowance money I saved for several months plus addition from my mom as gift. Of course it wasn’t fancy brand thing since at that time mobile phones were expensive, at least for a junior high shool student. While other students were already with two mobile phones, I was content enough with what I had. As long as I could use it to communicate well then why should mp3 player or camera be important?

My habit of saving money to buy things I want has been continuing even after now that I get a job and could afford to buy things with my salary. Last year I bought my android phone with Idul Fitri bonus, a local brand which of course can’t be compared with popular names you must have known such as Samsung or Iphone. Still, I’ve always been a contented person and never really complain of what I have (if it’s satisfying enough, heheh). I had asked my mom first because I didn’t want her thinking I wasted my money for unnecessary purpose. She said, “It’s your money, not my responsibility to order what you should do with it.” At the end I’m still a girl who can’t do a thing without parents’ allowance. (laughing) Nowadays I use my gadgets for work. I rarely use phones for texting and calling time is only for family and Ikhwan. I mostly talk with friends via BBM or socmed, which are the cheapest and fastest ways to communicate. I even send weekly report via BBM to my supplier or manitaining my shop items’ dropping or rolling with brand office admin via said app. At least it’s bought to support my work, not just to satisfy my personal want.

Talking about how gadgets affect our lives would give each of us different views. Some people have said that the better gadget you got means more attached you are with it. Having a phone with better functions gives a lot of privilages, but also problems. I have to buy big amount of phone credits to activate internet quota packet, while still needing to use some for texting and calling. I’ve desperately been wanting to hold my urge to recharge my quota but at the end I couldn’t cope from it. If my mom ever found out about it then she would flip over since she never like people who have money-wasting habit. Factually my need of internet is suddenly on dangerous level after I bought a new phone. And it’s just few hours of using since I can’t bring phone into work area, not full time.

I guess out there we could example worse addictions towards gadgets than what have been
happened to me. I have read about some people who harmed others by the effect of games or social media. I also heard that in some place people are too attached to their gadgets that it’d make them feel extremely bad mood to be far from mobile or tablet. What makes me usually cringed is how parents easily give their children gadgets and let them use it freely without restriction. In mall I can find elementary school kids around carrying tablets or Samsung and risking of losing their footsteps because they are too focused on their gadgets. It never fails to amaze me that despite our worry over gadget addiction, in fact there are parents who simply just give them gadgets without feeling worry if the kids would be addicted or not. Kids these days can have whatever they want, handled in silver plater while in us in their age had to work hard to get it. Now to make a comparison, if in recent years our generations are already being haunted by gadget addiction, what about the next generations?

Take an example thing of how my friends think about gadgets they and others have. If you have branded phone with certain type people would label you as someone cool enough to hang with. If you don’t have BBM pin it could be easily meant you can’t afford to buy blackberry or android phone. If you don’t have camera 360 app on your phone then you’re not cool enough to show your pic. I was told like these before, and someday when I asked one of my friends’ BBM pin they were suddenly like, “Oh cool! what’s your phone? Let’s hang out and bring your phone.” Quite funny but honestly it’s all just predictable. But despite of what I mentioned above, how do gadgets actually affect my life? To be honest, I don’t like to be included as a gadget addict. I can still leave my phone cell for 7 hours working time and can still put it far from my reach whenever I feel tired. Sure, when using my phone I tend to be possesive and never want to be disturbed especially if I get proccupied with interesting stuff on internet. Doesn’t matter if it’s actually unimportant enough to be chosen over textes or calls. But at least there a positive side of having a smartphone which can help me in working. The point is, after writing about this topic I must rethink over what I should need in gadgets. To be useful, or a hard-to-cure kind of addiction?

2014 in review

I just logged in to my dashboard and this was what I got. A lot had happened in 2013 and 2014 which made me realized how long I’ve been writing here and pouring out all of my life stories into words. I’m glad I’ve been this far. Thanks for giving me chance to store all my life archives.

Btw, Mas Dani, Ryan and Oma Lani seem to be fancing me a lot. I’m flattered. 😆

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Beli vs Minta

Setiap shift pagi adalah minggu bersama sekotak tisu, soalnya pasti selalu kena serangan flu. Kadang suka kesel sendiri kok ga pernah absen tiap masuk shift pagi pasti bawaannya flu. Dan akhirnya sekotak tisu jadi hal penting untuk disiapkan di kosan maupun tempat kerja. Akhir-akhir ini aku baru sadar kalau sepertinya aku kebanyakan beli tisu. ada satu box tisu dan segulung tisu di kosan, lalu ada box tisu kecil yang baru kubeli juga minggu kemarin. Minggu ini aku shift siang dan sekotak tisu itu pun akhirnya terbengkalai. Itu sih kalau ga ada yang tau ada sekotak tisu masih utuh di konter. Begitu ketauan, alhamdulilah pasti habis. Terutama kalau pas off, besoknya jangan harap masih utuh seperti waktu ditinggal. Kayaknya aku jadi kebanyakan beli tisu bukan karena banyak uang, tapi setiap mau make selalu kehabisan duluan!

Baru-baru ini juga aku jadi punya item tambahan kalau kena serangan flu pagi, yaitu sebotol kecil freshcare. Fungsinya ga cuma buat flu aja, tapi juga efektif banget kalo lagi lembur atau pas haid. Terkadang ga lagi perlu masih dibawa kemana-mana, soalnya ada aja yang bakal dateng ke konter minta minyak angin. Ada juga yang make bentar buat kerokan, dan di tempat kerjaku yang namanya kerokan itu adalah rutinitas harian. Walaupun suka kesel kok ga beli sendiri ( Helooo, masa sebiji buat searea seeehhh????!!!), tapi kasian juga ngeliat ada teman yang lagi sakit dan kita punya obat yang tersedia sebagai pertolongan pertama. Untungnya freshcareku nasibnya masih beruntung dibanding albothyl yang sudah habis dipake orang searea padahal aku sendiri baru pake dua kali. Sekotak tisu yang dipake sendiri bisa awet sebulan aja tau-tau ludes dalam dua minggu.

Memang setiap orang punya sifat yang beda-beda kalo perkaranya soal beginian. Ada yang prinsipnya ‘kalau yang lain ada ngapain beli?’ sedangkan ada pula yang punya prinsip ‘lebih baik beli daripada minjam atau minta.’ Ga tau kenapa, sepertinya di tempat kerjaku orang cenderung bersifat lebih suka menggunakan milik orang lain atau minta kepunyaannya dibanding membeli. Padahal kalau aku pribadi hal kayak gitu sama sekali ga nyaman. Mereka juga kalau kepunyaannya diminta atau pinjam belum tentu ga merasa risih. Terkadang suka kesal, padahal ga mau juga perhitungan sama teman tapi kok ya kebangetan tiap hari minta ini itu. Kalau memang perlunya tiap hari kan ada ide untuk beli. Mau sedikit ‘mengingatkan’ takutnya malah dianggap pelit. Sayangnya, kata pelit itu dijadiin senjata supaya dikasih ini itu dengan enaknya. Heran, tapi gitu deh kebiasaan di tempat kerja. Jadi mau ga mau harus maklum. Sekedar penghapus pun bisa jadi benda masal searea kalau perlu.

Yah, ini pengalaman kerja yang cukup unik. Jadi pelajaran supaya lebih baik menyimpan rapat barang milik dari pada dijadiin hak milik masal. Hahaha.

Friday’s Talk : My Wildest Dream

“What’a your wildest dream?” had been one of most common questions automatically sent into my inbox and had never really been in mind until we got this as our Friday topic. Honestly I never have any wish on something extreme or wild so when asked it’d make me confused. Kinkiness doesn’t interest me either since it’s kinda gross for my taste. we could name everything to become our wildest dream, conquering Mount Everest, winter skinny diving, Living in the wild ( there goes the wildest dream named), or maybe trying to eat some disgusting food from something more disgusting than you could ever imagine. I’ve read someone answered that she would like to have a piercing on her private for this question, and it was just really surprising for an Indo girl to have that kind of wish. I’m still not sure of what I’ve considered as my wildest dream, but this is my answer;

My Wildest Dream = Cut my hair off and go bald

For me, my wildest dream is a thing I’ve been wanting to do since forever but never got courage to do because I have to sacrifice something I treasure so much. What’s the biggest fear of a long haired woman who hasn’t visited barbershop for 5 years? Of course the haircutting. Let elone baldie, the thought of your head resembling a garden big lamp is simply terrifying. Despite that, I can’t help but become interested of how people would see a bald woman. Moreover, sometimes I’m getting tired of taking care my hair and thinking about having a new style. Whenever I get bad hair day it’ll just pop in my head, “I want to go bald!!!”. Somehow it makes me feel like being a bald is the new side of something I’ve just discovered. It’s a shame that I’d never try to do it since I love my hair too much too cut it. The only way to see me without hair probably is with the help of photoshop. LOL.

Others might be having kinds of wild dream which seem more interesting too read, but I’m just having a simple one like this. Well, as I said I’ve never really thought about it before so I guess it’s wild enough.

Friday’s Talk : What’s My Word for 2015?

I was a bit upset that Mas Dani didn’t notify me about Blog English Club. I write some English posts on my blog and definitely will never avoid such challenge like this. Since I don’t have Whattsapp account, via blog is the only way to parcitipate. The topic for this Friday is;

“What is your word for 2015?”

I had a slight difficult time to find the exact word since we just are in the beginning of journey. It’s still unknown what to conclude in recent days. The first day if this year I spent in double shift work and it felt like there’s no new year. Flashback to 2014, struggling from job seeking to the results of all small things I could finally affort to buy in my small dorm room happened as af they were just yesterday events. I guess the thing that popped up into my head about this year is “What’s next?”

“What’s Next??”

working has been one of long-term and in progress things I achieved so far. There is still way alot to reach in working or other things. Last December I was a year old being a SPG, in the same brand since my first day start working. I wonder, will something new happen this year? Still with my current job or new one?

Others things also have become some discoveries for me during 2014. My independent life living far from my mother, matureness, and awareness of my surroundings. From the smallest ones, like my style and appearance, plus attitude. I no longer feel self-concious with what I wear and happily accept the concept of beauty with makeup without making myself look like a walking clown in a sunny day. I try new things, be more confidents in front of camera, not shy over my long curly hair which has been growing its original shaped after it got smoothed straight with ironer and chemicals. Yes, confident is still a problem for me until today. I’ve gained weight and came back to being a, let say, more filled girl than I used to be when living in Tulang Bawang, but it no longer makes me feel like an ugly duckling. If I am fat, then people just need to accept me as I am. I can still be beautiful with what I wear, say, and do. I don’t want to worry over trivial things and just focus on more important parts in my life.

All of them eventually made think about my next move. I now get job, checked. I bought things with the money and saved rest to help mom paying debts, checked. I now can accept myself as a woman who can have a beauty and no longer feel ashamed with appearance, checked. The top of the list, I know I’ve been managing to do them until now, checked. Now, what’s next?

Sending my experimental short story on some local magazine is one of my recent future plans so far. I think by just writing romantic fictions on my diary won’t give me any meaning as long as it’s just me who read them. What’s challenging is that I will be writing them in English, while in fact I only had one or two experiences sending Indonesian fictions to a magazine publisher and it can’t help much for my confidence. But as what I always say to myself whenever done doing something, “So, what’s next?” will be my slogan for this year. And I’m sure I can get many answers for this question.

By the way, Happy Friday and Happy New Year 2015!

This Month’s Stuff I bought

I rarely fuss over things I bought, but I can’t fight the urge to show them off on blog. Recently I’ve been obsessed with makeup products and really eager to tell my experience using them. One or two were repurchased, the rest were new additions.

1. Sariayu Brown Eyebrow pencil Pro Brown
First time using it didn’t give me much impression. The SPG told me that the texture was creamer than basic SA EB pencil, but I never tried this brand so I couldn’t tell the different. It sure was creamy, but I had a difficult time to use it so at the end I had to redone my eyebrow drawing. Later it started to feel less dificult, then finally okay to use. I just have to keep my eyebrow dry to apply it.
It costed 20k IDR special price, while the basic one is also in the same price but can be reduced with 10% discounts from Chandra VIP card. Anyone who happens to Live in Lampung and shop regularly here should have the card for the discount, it really helps.

2. La Tullipe Eyeshadow Base.
I had asked this at Marcella Cosmetic Shop, located near my dorm and has been a welknown cosmetic shop in my area. The price for both shops (Marcella and Chandra LT Pro cosmetic counter) cost same, but I got 15% special discounts in Chandra, from IDR 28,500 to 24,225. I thought it’s like a cream, but actually more like balm. When applied it’s a bit too sticky for my liking, and this made my eyeshadow colour darker. Not really impressed, but it’s worth using. For you who has problem with eyeshadow color and stay-power, this stuff works fine. After few tries I start using it less because of the stickiness. If you don’t mind it, then it’ll be good for you.

3. Wardah Lightening Two Way Cake refill No 2 ‘Natural Beige’
Repurchasing for the product, but new for the shade number. I usually go with 1 ‘Light Beige’, but somehow I feel it’s too light for my skin tone and I’m afraid my face and neck will go different with it. Haven’t tried yet, but the shade is a bit um, darker. I think it’s yellower, but I don’t know until I try.

4. Pixy Lip Colour Conditioner Pink
I’m a first timer for this stuff. Costed IDR 22k and got Pixy 20% special discount. Worth buying, It’s hard to apply at first but got better after two times using. Some of my friends often use conditioner stick when they’re too lazy to use pigmented lipstick. I can now see why. I chose pink instead of orange since I hate orange colour applied on my lips.

5. Pixy Black Eyeliner Pencil
At the end I prefer this than Viva black automatic liner. I’ve been using both for moths and realized that Pixy fits for my eye condition. Although less long lasting than Viva, I would rather choose this one because whenever I use Viva my eyes easily get tired and bleary. Well, beauty is pain but if we get the better way to make it less then why not? Costed IDR 25k, also got 20% discounts. So with the conditioner stick I just needed to pay approximately IDR 35k. Lurrrvvve shoping discounts so much.

Next time I will write more about my makeup stuff. If I get the chance and courage, though. All images I used for this post taken from several blog, so the credits are on them.

New Year

I forgot to make a special post about new year and it’s already 4th of January. Last Thursday I got double shift started from 7 AM – 9.30 PM and I had to wake up pretty early for that. It’s actually a very exhausting work day and I never imagined that my new year day was celebrated by working double shift a half hour earlier than usual starting time. Friends who’re off that day posted pics of their small party and statuses of new year wishes, both Facebook and BBM. I on the other hand didn’t have the time for that because I couldn’t make it to my dorm in break time. We only got half an hour for break so it’d be a waste if I insist to go home. Good thing I could sell two tops, though. But to be honest, I really regret taking double shift that day. The next day I also got morning shift, so it felt like I didn’t go back to my rent room for two days. My room smelt really bad because with its cramped size all unwashed dishes I put on the corner gave off really strong odours. Puls after work I’d always be much lazier than usual, so it’s no help for that.

For those who think that we must have loved our job too much that we still open in New Year, let me tell you that it’s a hell lot of sacrifices for my time, health and my life. Hmph.

But aside of that, Let’s hope for this year to be one of our best year. Few friends in my workplace have held some wedding and party in this month hoping for good luck in New Year. Though I barely felt my body with all the sores, At least I know I got paid really good for my double shift and holiday shift, as good as I could hope. Plus I never really do special things in New Year’s Eve and Day, so I guess it’s so much productive this way. Hope you’re blessed by Allah. Amen. Happy New Year 2015!

Wedding Season?

It’s a normal thing to get a wedding invitation card from someone you only know at work; whether you often talk to them or not. Sometimes we declare a month to be “wedding season” month whenever those cards are given to you in close dates. It means coming to the party or pass the gifts through people who plan to came to the party. Also means money to spend and with whom you would share the money for gift buying. I’ve been all too familiar with these things for over a year.

Talking about the bride and groom’s wannabes are most common after cards are recieved. I could almost memorize some of them, oh they’re so fitting in the picture, the girl doesn’t look that different in pre-wed photos, is that the groom? He is blah blah blah. I feel like being surrounded in some contest and wonder if they would do the same thing with my invitation card. This year I’m going to be 24 and most girls my age already got one or two children in that age. Indonesians are also too much about age, especially girls. Talking about in what age you’re going to marry is never old. So at every wedding season I’d be one to example in their discussion. Somehow I knew I don’t need to wonder what kind of discussion would be made over my wedding invitation card. LOL.

Then there’s a talk about how an ethnicity will hold a wedding ceremony and the process of its ritual. I realized that Indonesians all about everything when it comes to marriage; we hold such principle that marriage is only once for life so it must be celebrated as big as possible. You won’t want to go through those tiring ritual processes anyway, so why having it more than once? Lampung society for example, at least in our knowledge is popular with its wedding ritual. There’s a saying that if you want to marry a Lampung girl, you need a hella big amount of “wedding budget”. It’s mostly mistaken as “buying bride” act, which for me is kind of uncomfortable to talk. Non-Lampung people tend to ask about it to me that I even had to make a whole presentation when I was in college to explain the actual purpose and reason behind Lampung wedding ceremony and ritual. If asked, I never think highly about how I should hold a wedding ceremony. Of course I would be happy to have a big party, but why bother to get one if you’d be in high debt after that. I would prefer having a small, private, intimate wedding party than a big, money-wasting and tiring one. Paying the debt is the last thing in my mind to worry in my should be happy days. I don’t mean to disrespect their way of, ahem, spoiling their children for the last time before they step into the new marriage life, but it’s not like parents are forced by children. For me, personally, it’s not that important at all. I never have an imagination about big wedding party, or tiring Lampung marriage ritual which will make me exhausted for days and never-ending worries about the money spent for just one-two days wedding party. I have a lot of Lampung friends and only few of them agreed with my view of wedding ceremony, as they actually have been waiting to experience such practice. It might be because of they way they’re raised in Lampung society. If some girl got big wedding ceremony, then they also have to get it too. Regadless if their parents are up for that or not. Both of my parents rarely talk about it and it’s not like I’m comfortable with the topic. Discusing about marriage with parents is really different than with friends; everything goes quite awkward and sad. With their usual wisdoms of finding the good man, saving for future and others I never really expect much from them. Dad once said I wouldn’t need to go with all those traditional rituals, which I assumed it because he and Mom never went through one. I feel grateful of that, because if they intend to do that then I would cancel my marriage. I’m the one who’s gonna marry, so it all my choices. I don’t want to be indebted in my marriage.

This month is one of those wedding season. But to be honest, kinda interesting to find some workmate will be facing one of the biggest experience in her life in counted days. Never hard to be happy for her. I just wish the cards didn’t come that much in the same week, though.