New Year

New Year 2013

Aanndddddd…… here comes the New Year’s Eve. I just want to make a short post about it. Some people in other side of world perhaps still need to wait for few hours until night comes, but I’m glad we’re almost close to the year of 2013. Ah… Wonderful. 🙂

Though I don’t really think that New Year celebration has special meaning, but it won’t happen everyday anyway. So, well, let’s just be happy for it. 😀

Enjoy your night guys. 🙂

My Little Treasures

There are things that we will never have a heart to throw away. I guess I must be having a very big sentiment if I still keep all these things for such a long time. Those have been my possessions since I was in JHS, and looking at them again made my mind reminiscing the memoirs of my teenage days. 😆 shoulda do it quite often then. 😀

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Still in Love with Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura has always been one of my favorite animes since I first saw it in 5th grade. Wow, times sure had flown by, and now I’m 21. They said it’s never too old for manga and anime, and I couldn’t agree more. Even by only watching three episodes of CCS’s first season could still give me wonderful effect. I’m still a little child deep inside my heart. Remembering how I would be so eager to go home and got mad whenever I had to wait for my little brother ’cause I didn’t want to miss the show, made me so embarrased of myself. Now, I should thank internet for giving me an opportunity to watch it again after these years. I’m so, so happy that I can’t contain my excitement. Oh gosh! 😀

all characters

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Ga Libur di Akhir Tahun

Iya ya. Harusnya ini sudah masuk masa liburan dan cuti. Bukan hanya tanggal merah seperti hari ini yang bertepatan dengan Natal, tapi liburan yang bebas dari kegiatan sekolah, kuliah dan kerja. Lah.. Kok aku belum nih? Kenapa justru masih harus sibuk-sibuk dengan tugas akhir dan ujian siihh??? #mokad

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Finally I did it

Finally, I’ve been writing English posts in my other blog, as I had planned long ago. For me, it’s a good improvement. Those posts aren’t long and only have light topics since I only wrote them randomly without much thinkings (as usual), but I still like how the results turned out. The courage is truly hard to gather, I don’t want to lie. Now that I can finally do it, the feeling is pleasant. Doesn’t matter if they’re under 300 words, I finally made it. Awesome!

I always envy those writers who can write freely and create excellent posts while I am having trouble in writing English. I knew that I can write it, I have the concept. I knew what I want to write. The words just don’t come out like I imagined them to be, though there’re exactly coming from my mind. Funny, huh? I mean, what’s the problem? Is not that I’m making post with a serious topic or some kind of thesis. It’s only a random talk, based on a random mind, and writen by a random girl namely Annie Tjia. 😆 Okay, scratch that part please.

The point is, writing English posts in makes me excited to do more in future. At first those are more like trials to see I could really write full English in my blog. I’m glad it worked good. Phew. 🙂 So, I would very much like it if you can stop by and read them. I hope they are worth reading. I will apologize in advance for any mistakes spotted though, your feedback is greatly apprecated.

Until later people.

Hari Ibu


Emak yang lagi ngudut.. 😀

Kalo ngomongin hari Ibu Indonesia, haru biru kerasa waktu cerita bagaimana perjuangan para ibu yang bersahaja, penuh pengorbanan dan rasa cinta. Salah satu teman menceritakan di status Fb-nya bahwa ia membelikan kado untuk sang ibu sebagai perayaan hari Ibu Nasional. Ada pula yang menceritakan rasa kangen terhadap ibu yang jauh dengannya, ada pula yang sekedar mengucapkan selamat hari Ibu. Well, aku ngapain ya? Selama ini aku ga punya tindakan khusus dalam memperingati hari Ibu. Apakah ini kerasa kok seperti aku ini kurang peka ya?

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Power Problem

Living in world where you’re being surrounded by all technologies, makes people become dependent with them. Especially when it comes to electricity problem, since this is an important energy source. I’ve been struggling with powers out several times in this month, once even for two days straight. I use two phones, and one I usually use for internet often died before I even had any chance to recharge it. No generator set available. We stuck with candles and torchs. Some creepy moment? You have no idea. And the top of all, mosquitoes. Damn those little blood-sucker bugs made me freaking crazy. How wonderful, being accompanied by bugs, not a lover. 😆

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