Finally I did it

Finally, I’ve been writing English posts in my other blog, as I had planned long ago. For me, it’s a good improvement. Those posts aren’t long and only have light topics since I only wrote them randomly without much thinkings (as usual), but I still like how the results turned out. The courage is truly hard to gather, I don’t want to lie. Now that I can finally do it, the feeling is pleasant. Doesn’t matter if they’re under 300 words, I finally made it. Awesome!

I always envy those writers who can write freely and create excellent posts while I am having trouble in writing English. I knew that I can write it, I have the concept. I knew what I want to write. The words just don’t come out like I imagined them to be, though there’re exactly coming from my mind. Funny, huh? I mean, what’s the problem? Is not that I’m making post with a serious topic or some kind of thesis. It’s only a random talk, based on a random mind, and writen by a random girl namely Annie Tjia. 😆 Okay, scratch that part please.

The point is, writing English posts in makes me excited to do more in future. At first those are more like trials to see I could really write full English in my blog. I’m glad it worked good. Phew. 🙂 So, I would very much like it if you can stop by and read them. I hope they are worth reading. I will apologize in advance for any mistakes spotted though, your feedback is greatly apprecated.

Until later people.