Bebas dari Tugas

Minggu-minggu deadline pengumpulan tugas akhir biasanya rada gila-gilaan. Ngalong makin intense, pola tidur dan makan jadi ga karuan, kadang-kadang terjadi trauma mental; tiap ada yang tanya, “tugasmu udah selesai berapa?” bawaannya pengin jedotin pala ke tembok. Sumpah. Krisis keuangan juga dominan, uang jajan akhirnya eman-eman disimpan biar cukup printing, photocopy dan lain-lain. Selesai kumpul tugas itu bagaikan menang perang, padahal UAS aja belum. Sampe-sampe ada yang bilang dengan wajah sumringah, “gw bakal syukuran nih. Tugas gw selesai semua.” haishh… 😀

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Turut Prihatin

Mumpung momen Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW, sekalian lah ceriwis dikit di mari. Kebetulan minggu-minggu ini memang sibuk dan terhambat mati listrik yang ga genah banget di daerahku, jadi mau posting juga sedikit ragu-ragu. Minggu depan juga udah final exams, jadi belum tentu ada kesempatan lagi ya buat postingan. By the way, aku juga ingin menyampaikan keprihatinan atas bencana banjir yang melanda kota Jakarta. Aku ga bisa ngasih support apa-apa selain doa bagi keselamatan dan kesehatan para korban banjir. Kemarin waktu liat di TV, ada berita tentang bayi yang diselamatkan dari banjir. Ngeliat ni bayi mungil yang matanya keliatan lelah banget dibawa pake bak gede, diselimutin gitu.. Aduh miris hatiku. Semoga banjir cepat mereda, ga ada lagi korban lebih banyak yang merugi dan mereka semua selamat dari banjir. Amien. 😦

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Grateful to Choose English

In all honesty, I choose English for college because I don’t have to put up with Science and Math. Of course learning English is not just do some talking or writing in English, it’s actually a lot more than that. Back then when I was still a highschooler, I couldn’t grasp a single material of Math and got such extremely poor grades through three years of study. I didn’t even know why I had taken accountancy class, and the result was proved to be so ugly. 😆 to think how I am now studying a subject that I didn’t really like in the past, I’m truly grateful. Math has never been my thing, really.

People are right when they say that you have to go through all wrong things to find the right one. Well, not that Math, Science or Accountancy are wrong options, but they wouldn’t be all good if you had learnt them in force and ended up sucked. Like in my case, it didn’t go well when I was studying Accoutancy; all seemed rubbed me wrong and I began to hate it. Now I recalled that the materials weren’t so hard to learn in first place, so perhaps it’s me who had the problem. Or perhaps it wasn’t my right subject for me to choose. 😆 Yeah, now I’m in English program, studying English, and taking a goal to be an English teacher. I’ve never considered this profession, and I’m currently in process of being one. It seems a bit funny in my point of view, but the gratefulness is here. I’m grateful I take English. I, for once, finally start doing something I very much fond of. The feeling is wonderful. 🙂 Though now I’m aware that being a college student is way harder, all with stuffs and tests. 😆

Si Laptop, Penyelamat Hidup

Laptop itu penyelamat mahasiswa kurang modal kayak aku. Meskipun kondisi juga setengah mokad; baterai rusak, lemot, banyak masalah, si laptop inilah yang membuat pengeluaran untuk sekian banyak tugas kuliah. Bayangin aja kalo setiap mau bikin tugas mesti ke warnet dulu; belum ngetik, belum ngeprint, belum waktu yang musti disediain buat nyelesain tugas, dan belum lagi tugas-tugas dari makul lain yang menghampiri. Kalo aja ga ada si abang leppy, ga selamat deh aku menghadapi tugas ini itu.

Kemarin baru aja si laptop diinstall ulang. Ga tau tuh gara-gara apa, tapi curiganya sih karena mati lampu. Soalnya kan mesti diplug chargernya baru bisa digunain, sementara kalo tiba-tiba mati lampu pas aku lagi make ya otomatis langsung mati juga. Akibatnya windowsnya error dah, makanya kuinstall ulang. Synaptics mouse pointing driver musnah, minta teman installin. SMADAV juga ilang, install sendiri (ini sih gampang). Cuma sempet dilema mau install Tuneup Utilities lagi ato ga, ribet keycracknya tuh. Downloadan yang belum sempet dipindah ke drive D juga musnah. Mapas, ngebalikin sistemnya yang udah setahun gw pake, dari software dan segala macemnya bikin mupeng. Rencana download video Cardcaptor Sakura pun ga kesampaian. 😐

Gara-gara insiden reinstall ini pula, aku jadi was-was mau make laptop. Takutnya breg mati lampu, sedangkan laptop lagi dipake. Yang ada error lagi. Pusing dah… Mesti nabung buat ganti baterainya nih, daripada makin parah. Haisshh…

Nah, makanya kalo ada yang sedikit sadar ngapa semingguan kemarin kagak ngoceh di blog, jawabannya ya stress. Asma kambuh, eh tiba-tiba laptop bermasalah. Minggu depan udah harus kumpul semua tugas akhir soalnya tanggal 28 udah final. Wih, mupeng gini. Auk ah.. Mau ganti yang baru, wew.. Namanya juga kurang modal. Wong mau ganti baterainya aja ga punya modal, mau minta orang tua ya ga enak. Dipikir lagi, sulit juga situasinya. Huuh..

Dan juga, aku bingung nih sama PLN Tulang Bawang yang mati listriknya bisa hampir setap hari dalam seminggu. I mean, kalo misalnya pemadaman listrik itu akibat hujan ato kondisi ga terduga yang lain, that’s alright. Tapi kok bisa berkali-kali dan durasinya itu lho… Bisa dua harian. Pemadaman listrik massal aja ga ada pemberitahuan, akhirnya pada was-was karena ga tau kapan listrik tiba-tiba mati dan berapa lama sampe hidup lagi. Apa yang rusak dan bermasalah? Beneran lho, seminggu ini daerah temenku hampir setiap hari listrik mati. Tempatku dua kali, ada yang sampai 3 hari berturut-turut tanpa listrik. Waduh, kalo gini terus, gimana nasib laptopku?

Am I a help(er)?

I really don’t like manipulatism. That’s for sure. In my class, people know my ability in using English better than anyone else. I will never mind it if someone wants to ask my help about lectures or assignments. After all, I don’t have any problem with it. But helping people can be truly annoying when they just want it done instantly without any efforts. I’m glad to help, of course, but I’m not a servant who is obliged to do all jobs when demanded. Isn’t it normal if I harshly decline their copy-paste act? How will these people ever learn if they keep doing this just because I’m smart and available as help(er)? I’m not complaing about people needing help at all, but seriously, they’re just too much. One person texted me to ask for English/Indo translation of some words; sometimes sentences, even whole paragraf, several times. Other people texted me saying that they need my help doing assignments, and even went as far as asking my assignmets to be copied. I was like, “what?” in anger and exasperation.

I hate it. I hate it so much. I can be a help, but I’m not a goddamn helper! What if they try my shoes and see how they can stand being asked and bribed to do all work?

Everytime they asked me something selfish like, “can you do one more for me, I’ll pay it.” or “can I copy yours? I’ll treat you later,” blah blah blah… I want to punch them and say, “get lost”. Where’s your book? Dictionary? Hands? Brain? Anything? Use it! Please use it! Don’t exploit term “friendhip” and manipulate people’s kindness. I friggin’ loathed it.

Scents are Just Too Much

There’s not many of scented products I like to use, for example, pabric softener. I mean, it’ll be good to have your clothes smelled flowers or meadow, but for me it’s just like you’re using too much perfume all over your body. Weird. 😐 My mom rarely use scented pabric softener except for formal dresses. I suppose she also finds it disturbing and unnecessary to use. Then again, the scents aren’t too appealing for most people. I have several events when using scented pabric softener made me almost gagged. It’s so horrible that I couldn’t feel the softness of my clothes anymore. We, of course, would very much like it if our clothes are as soft and smooth as silk, but it’ll better without much scents.

When I was in ES, my mom once had use a brand of scented pabric softener for my uniform. I didn’t mind the smell at that time, though it kind of pierced my nose a bit (the hint was there to be ignored). I think my mom overused it so it got too scented. I went to school with my smooth and overly-scented uniform when one of my classmates came into my view with a wrinkled expression saying, “You’re smelly. I can smell you even from far!”. I chose to sit in the back of the class while silently (and embarrasedly) listening to my all classmates chatters about a very bold scent… Loudly. I thought my nose was numbed, and also my self esteem. Haha. 😐

I read that in Japan, they only sell non-scented brands and consider scented brands to be smelly. Well, I would love to buy one. If I could. 😡

Satu Seumur Hidup

Sebelumnya, ada yang tau Formspring? Ini adalah Question dan answer site dimana kamu bakal diberi pertanyaan secara random dan jawaban yang kamu berikan untuk pertanyaan tersebut akan muncul di profile page-mu. Setiap Q&A yang muncul bisa di like dan bisa juga di share ke socmed, bahkan ada media attachment dan semacamnya. Kayak semacam online interview ya, soalnya bisa anonymous bisa mengirimkan pertanyaan untuk si user. Tapi denger-denger nih, karena banyaknya kontroversi yang terjadi di Formspring, situs ini di ban. Tadi siang waktu nyoba akses juga redirecting ke mobile version, terus ada notifikas “301 moved permanetly”. Kebenarannya juga belum ketemu nih.

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