Am I a help(er)?

I really don’t like manipulatism. That’s for sure. In my class, people know my ability in using English better than anyone else. I will never mind it if someone wants to ask my help about lectures or assignments. After all, I don’t have any problem with it. But helping people can be truly annoying when they just want it done instantly without any efforts. I’m glad to help, of course, but I’m not a servant who is obliged to do all jobs when demanded. Isn’t it normal if I harshly decline their copy-paste act? How will these people ever learn if they keep doing this just because I’m smart and available as help(er)? I’m not complaing about people needing help at all, but seriously, they’re just too much. One person texted me to ask for English/Indo translation of some words; sometimes sentences, even whole paragraf, several times. Other people texted me saying that they need my help doing assignments, and even went as far as asking my assignmets to be copied. I was like, “what?” in anger and exasperation.

I hate it. I hate it so much. I can be a help, but I’m not a goddamn helper! What if they try my shoes and see how they can stand being asked and bribed to do all work?

Everytime they asked me something selfish like, “can you do one more for me, I’ll pay it.” or “can I copy yours? I’ll treat you later,” blah blah blah… I want to punch them and say, “get lost”. Where’s your book? Dictionary? Hands? Brain? Anything? Use it! Please use it! Don’t exploit term “friendhip” and manipulate people’s kindness. I friggin’ loathed it.

5 pemikiran pada “Am I a help(er)?

  1. Sometimes you should start to say no and no for good. cause they’ll never stop untill you say ot so. Been there Mba Annie and if you dont’t feel like to do it, it will only bring you anger..

    • It’s hard when they start talking about how I should help since we’re friends and how they need my help because they’re busy. I’m busy too, I have a lot of thing to do. Their business being an excuse for copying someone’s hard work, when that person has been struggling to keep up with assignments and chores. That’s so unfair. :/

      • Just tell them that you are just as busy as they are Mba Annie, and how busy they are they can’t use it as an excuse since you also doing other things. Your life is not only for helping them. And you also should say Mba Annie that copying your assignment is not helping them but making them even more (pardon for my words) stupid.
        I said that to my friends and they stop copying but we still be friends.

  2. he he he… balada jadi anak pinter yah. banyak godaan nih. banyak diricuki temen2 yang minta tolong. lucky, proud, or malah kaciaaan?
    btw, setuju banget menjengkelkan ngadepin type kopas. padahal kita tuh seneng lho ngajari ‘inti’ or caranya, tapi yah kembangkan sendiri donk jawabannya. pukannya plek=persis kita

    • Iya mbak, apalagi paling sebelnya kalo udah bilang, “ntar dibayar deeh” kayak gitu.. Duuhhh kepingin tak bentak2 tuh orang. Dibayar juga kalo intinya ngopi paste doank apa gunanya? Capek-capek sendiri yang lain cuma ngasoy. Males deh.. 😦

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