Off Day Story : Visiting My Old School

I spent 13 years education at St. Xaverius 1 School. It’s located on Teluk Betung, my current hometown which had also been the town I was born in. Since moving to Tulang Bawang, I had promised myself to come again to this school someday and meeting all my former teachers. In 9 months of my living and working days in Teluk Betung, this was the first time I finally visited my old school. Everything seemed changed and unchanged in the same time. The building structure was still the same, some had been changed, but it’s still St. Xaverius 1 School I’ve known since little. Unfortunatelly I only met few of my former schools and made casual conversations before going to Gramedia Store for book hunting. No photo with them, but it’s alright because I thought it’d be awkward if I asked them to take photos with me. I was planning to read some books on its library though, but ended up looking at previous Xaturnus editions. Xaturnus was my school buletin book, namechanged from “Kompax” to “Xaturnus” in my third year of JHS. My year edition, surprisingly was still stored in at the library. The cover was my coloring work. I forgot to take a picture, but next time I’ll take one to show in here.

There were some things I discovered when visiting the school, like a trio of JHS girls who were sitting at stone bench with their smartphones, the school which looked less crowded than I used to remember, or the school itself. I had mentioned above that everything seemed changed and unchanged at the same time, and it made me realized how times were too far gone after I graduated. I could still pictured myself wearing my pink kindergarten uniform, white-red ES uniform, and white-blue uniform. At that time we didn’t see much of children carrying phones because that’s still an expensive thing for us to have. Richer ones showed off with two gadgets at JHS, which at the time was cool enough if it had camera and cool ringtones/wallpapers. Seeing those girls with their samsungs a bit disturbed me, but I guessed it’s how my school days were pictured in this generation. My days with Nokia 7610, and them with Samsung Galaxy Grand duos. All was just the same anyway.

I didn’t mentioned my visit to my brother when I texted him. He also took 5 years education in here, before our family moving to Tulang bawang. I think my brother also missed this school, though he rarely talked about it with me. But it’s still the same school we had spent our days learning and playing, so I knew he’d also want to have a visit. Hopefully when he visits here, we’d have a chance to visit the school together.