Pernah nonton Majisuka Gakuean atau Majijo? Liat summarynya di wiki aja yah, di Indo pagenya. Beberapa hari nonton ini di yutup jadi ketagihan deh, hahahah.

Drama kayak gini ga bakal masuk lembaga sensor film Indo nih, soalnya isinya violence abis. Yankee life di Jepang bisa berdarah-darah gitu padahal awewekna meni geulis-geulis yak, cuma salut loh idenya. Kalo mau bikin drama sekolah tuh yang gini donk. Hahaha. Tetep seru dan masih ngasih value point di setiap episode. Yang Maen nih AKB48 dan beberapa member dari sisgroupnya. Dan untuk akting, aku akuin mereka itu talented karena mainin karakter dengan kuat dan baik. Keren deh, sukak!

Tapi tentu real life mau itu yankee, gangster atau bulliers tetep aja hal beginian salah ya. Aku cuma bisa nerima violence cuma di drama kayak gini karena ceritanya menarik. Hebatnya jepun mah bisa aja nyisipin moral meski genrenya high school violence gini. Mungkin kalo di ‘Indonized’, misalnya, darah-darahan bakal di reduced seminim mungkin jadi level memar dikit ama darah di sudut bibir duank. Dulu mah ada ya drama2 laga Indo settingnya highschool, dan aku termasuk penggemar sinetron macam gitu. Biasanya kalo lagi ada sinetron gitu muka Roger Danuarta seliweran dimana-mana. Akkkk kangeng berat sinetron-sinetron cadas kayak gitu. Menurutku kalo mau bikin drama bermutu tuh begitu, plotnya serius jadi memacu adrenaline juga nontonnya.

Sebagai fans JKT48 pasti pengin juga mereka produksi drama kayak gini. Tapi takutnya malah jadi plagiat dan lagian ga bakal di approved sama kalangan ortu. Dan juga, bakal kecewa kalo ekspektasi berlebihan. Dengan kesensitifan orang Indo sama moral, beginian bisa langsung di cekal abis-abisan yak. Hahaha. Cuma bisa ngarep banyak member JKT48 bisa ikut main di Majijo, ga cuma Michelle doank.

Aghhhhh pengin nonton Majijo 4!!!! Liat Lele di Majijo 4 jadi yankee!!!!

Short Notice : Ojou Sammy and Shinkirou

It’s a short notice to fill up the archives since I haven’t made any post for this month. I’m a JKT48 fan and have been reading often whenever I get free time. Recently a post was published mentioning about a JKT48 fan who promotes the members through her tumblr site, under a name of “Ojou Sammy”. I think it’s cool to have a JKT48 fan like her contributing in sharing about members and their recent news. Good job, Ojou Sammy. 🙂

By the way, I watched some of JKT48 stage performances on Youtube and just found one song from Dare ka no Tame ni setlist, titled “Shinkirou” (the video link). It’s a duet song performed by Haruka and Ve and seriously caught me off guard because I rarely like their stage songs. The way they sung it was really good that I kept watching it over and over. 😆 There’s a comment asking if Haruka sung it in good Indonesian, and the answer is yes. She still needs to work over some pronunciations but over all in the video she sung it very well. Her voice also sounded well and reallu fitted with the theme of this song. Good job, Haruka. 🙂

Ah, it all makes me want to write about JKT48 again. (laugh) If anyone can be helpfull enough to give me idea for JKT48 coverage post, I’d love to accept it. 🙂 Oh, hey, I just watched some vids on youtube and found my oshi in AKB48/NMB48. It’s Ichikawa Miori A.K.A Lemon.

I like het jikoshokai very much, though hating sour taste. 😀

Just Coming Back

It’s been a while since I talked about JKT48 in my blog. In these last monts I’ve been so busy of my job that I only have few times to make some updates. I couldn’t even make regular visit on GhaiNya thread anymore! On January, my phone had been taken by supervisor because in my workplace mobile phone is restricted. With my 8 hours work and shift changing every week, plus not having my phone with me, internet is unreachable. I was glad last week I had my phone back, it’s a big relief to access internet again after a month of no access. Especially sincd I’ve been missing a lot of updates about JKT48. The first thing that appeared in my Timeline was about Cigull’s graduation, a shocking news which made me a bit angry. I’m certain I also missed members’ Q&A and it’s too late to track their late tweets. Sucks, eh?

Well, at least I know Ghaida hasn’t graduated yet. My workmate who happened to be a JKT48 fan told me that She was going to graduate soon. I didn’t really take it seriously, but an anxious feeling was still there considering how she reacted when Nyash graduated. Thank God she’s still in JKT48, and the current news said she’s one of [Flying Get] senbatsu, together with Viyona. Congratulations for both of my oshis! <3<3

New pics of Ghashapon or Yona? Sorryy… I skip for this post. 😛 But if anyone of you have pics of them, please share to me. 😀

No Need For That

Being a fan doesn’t mean you have to like everything in your idol. Being a fan, means you want to support him/her to be liked and idolized by many people. If you sneer and accuse someone forcedly like their idol by their positive reviews, while you don’t want your own opinion objected, I think it’s quite unfair. Like or unlike is anyone’s own right, if you don’t want to be objected, why commenting the others?

It happened when Yona became one of members who was made over at “Asian Kawaii Way Workshop” in an event. Her hairstyle was similar with Nyash who was already being madeover first. I think Yona’s appearance was not that bad, I don’t think the model was weird or anything. Afterall, what we see as a ‘Kawaii’ thing is different than Japanese people version. Then again, it’s a Japan workshop, and I even felt it less ‘wow’ than I’ve seen in Kawaii International. Then, a Yona fan commented on Twitter tha the hairstyle was really weird. He even compared others who commented ‘Kawaii’ with him who said ‘Ew, weird!”. If only at the time he didn’t write again “Don’t give too much love to your idol”, I wouldn’t feel so annoyed.

I tried to explain that it’s a normal thing, too normal for Japan fashion level actually. He answered that it’s because the hairstylist did it half-heartly. I became more annoyed, ‘it’s not because of the hairstylist or something, right?’ He just didn’t like it, and accused people who liked it.

After that, he said on Twitter that Japan fashion was too inovative to follow. Perhaps that’s Kawaii, but he didn’t feel like that. Then, being more annoying, he said he didn’t want his idoling way being objected. Eh? Wasn’t he who firstly fussed over people saying Yona Kawaii? Why did he feel bothered after I explained to him? It’s so weird. But, that’s a fan we know. I think it’d be better to be careful if I happen to meet fans like this again. I shouldn’t tempted to argue, because at the end they would feel themselves as the objected ones. Hmm…

Menjadi fans bukan berarti kau harus menyukai semua hal yang ada pada idolamu. Menjadi fans, berarti kamu ingin mendukungnya agar layak diterima dan diidolakan oleh orang banyak. Kalau kau mencemooh dan menuduh orang lain menyukai idolanya secara paksa lewat komentar positifnya, sedangkan pendapatmu sendiri tidak ingin dibantah, menurutku hal itu merupakan hal yang tidak adil. Suka atau tidak suka adalah hak masing-masing, jika tidak ingin dibantah, mengapa mengomentari orang lain?

Hal ini terjadi ketika Yona menjadi salah satu member yang di makeover pada Asian Kawaii Way Workshop dalam sebuah event. Hairstyle-nya sama dengan model Nyash yang sudah lebih dulu di makeover. Menurutku penampilan Yona tidak jelek-jelek amat, aku tidak merasa modelnya aneh atau semacamnya. Bagaimanapun, apa yang kita lihat sebagai hal yang 'Kawaii' sangat berbeda dengan versi orang Jepang. Lagipula, ini workshop Jepang, malah kurasa itu belum 'wah' dibanding yang sering kulihat di Kawaii International. Lalu, seorang fans Yona mengomentari di Twitter bahwa hairstyle tersebut sangat aneh, lalu membandingkan komentar orang lain yang berkata 'Kawaii' dengannya yang bilang 'Ih, gaje!'. Seandainya saat itu ia tidak menulis lagi "memberi cinta janganlah berlebihan", mungkin aku tidak akan merasa sedikit kesal. Kucoba menjelaskan bahwa hal tersebut adalah sesuatu yang biasa, malah terlalu biasa untuk level fashion Jepang. Ia lalu menjawab bahwa hal tersebut dikarenakan stylist yang melakukan makeover bekerja tanggung. Aku makin kesal, 'sebenarnya bukan karena stylistnya atau apa kan?' Pada dasarnya ia merasa tidak suka dan mencemooh orang lain yang mengatakan suka.

Setelah itu, ia berkata di twitter bahwa fashion di Jepang semakin inovatif untuk diikuti. Mungkin itu merupakan sesuatu yang 'Kawaii', tapi ia tidak merasa begitu. Lalu, yang lebih menyebalkan, ia mengaku tidak ingin caranya menyukai idola diganggu orang lain. Ha? Bukannya dia yang lebih dulu ribut karena fans lain bilang Yona Kawaii? Lalu kenapa setelahnya merasa terganggu ketika kujelaskan? Itu sungguh aneh. Tapi, itulah fans yang kita kenal. Kurasa sebaiknya jika bertemu dengan fans semacam ini, aku harus hati-hati. Lebih baik aku tidak tergoda untuk berdebat, karena pada akhirnya dia akan merasa menjadi yang dibantah. Hmm..

[Special] Indonesian Correction

Finally, after burning my head off by finishing members’ QA compilation, I can post something in here. This post is a special page for Joe-san, who had posted a Indonesian language post in his blog. I spotted some parts that aren’t really understandable and offered Joe-san to make some corrections. He agreed, and here I am! The original post is here. First, I’ll give hints about the parts that I think aren’t understandable with red color. 🙂

November 13, 2013. Bubaran dari Watariroukahashiritai (Warota) , spin-out unit dari AKB48, telah dilaporkan. Terus, 27 November, itu telah diumumkan resmi di situs resmi Warota.
Saat itu, page untuk mengumumkan peluncuran best-album sudah upload. Dalam page ini, Haruka adalah fitur dengan cara berikut; “Haruka yang populer nasional (di Indonesia) sebagai center di JKT48”. Hmm… Karena dia tidak ada di center selalu, ini adalah sedikit salah. Tapi, meskipun sebagian besar orang Jepang (termasuk fans 48G) tidak tahu popularitas dari Haruka di Jepang, Aktivitas dia telah dihargai di Jepang juga. Kalimat ini adalah contoh itu. Aku juga senang.
Omong-omong, ketika bubaran dari Warota dilaporkan, beberapa fans Indonesia meminta aku alasan untuk pembubaran. Berbagai media telah melaporkan yang alasan adalah “Keretakan antar member”, atau “maraknya generasi baru”. Tapi alasan sebenarnya tidak diketahui. Toh, ayo berharap keberhasilan mereka. Oh iya, Komentar tentang bubarkan dari Warota oleh Haruka telah diposting di situs berita hiburan, Jadi aku menulis itu juga.
“Aku sedih dengan bubaran Warota. Tapi setelah ini kegiatan yang bukan Warota, kalian akan bisa melihat kami yang tingkat ke atas daripada sebelumnya. Aku harap bahwa kalian harapkan itu.”

Now, the correction, or we can say it as my version, will be like this.

November 13, 2013. Pembubaran dari Watariroukahashiritai (Warota) , spin-out unit dari AKB48, telah diberitakan. Lalu, 27 November, ini telah diumumkan secara resmi di situs resmi Warota.
Saat itu, page untuk mengumumkan peluncuran best-album sudah diupload. Dalam page ini, sebuah kalimat menyebutkan Haruka sebagai berikut; “Haruka yang populer nasional (di Indonesia) sebagai center di JKT48”. Hmm… Karena dia tidak selalu ada di center , ini sedikit salah. Tapi, meskipun sebagian besar orang Jepang (termasuk fans 48G) tidak tahu popularitas Haruka di Jepang, Aktivitasnya telah dihargai di Jepang juga. Kalimat ini adalah contohnya. Aku juga senang.

Omong-omong, ketika pembubaran Warota dilaporkan, beberapa fans Indonesia menanyakanku alasan pembubaran. Berbagai media telah melaporkan beberapa alasan seperti “Keretakan antar member”, atau “maraknya generasi baru”. Tapi alasan sebenarnya tidak diketahui. Toh, ayo berharap saja pada keberhasilan mereka. Oh iya, Komentar tentang pembubaran Warota oleh Haruka telah diposting di situs berita hiburan, Jadi aku menulis tentang itu juga.
“Aku sedih dengan pembubaran Warota. Tapi setelah ini kegiatan yang bukan sebagai Warota, kalian akan bisa melihat kami yang meningkat ke atas daripada sebelumnya. Aku harap kalian juga mengharapkan itu.”

November 13th, 2013, the disband of Watariroukahashintai (Warota) has been reported. Then, November 27th, it’s been announced officially in their official site.

At the time, a page to announce the best-album launching has been uploaded. In this page, Haruka was the feature by this way, “Haruka, who is nationally popular (In Indonesia) as JKT48 center”. Hmm, since she’s not always in center, it’s a bit wrong. But, even though most Japanese people (48G fans included) don’t know about Haruka’s popularity in Indonesia, her activity is also appreciated in Japan. This sentence is the example. I’m also happy.

By the way, when the disband of Warota was reported, some Indonesian fans asked me the reason for disbanding. Various medias have reported some reasons such as “withdrawals between members” or “trend of new generations”. But the actual reason is unknown. Nonetheless, let’s just hope for their success. Oh yes, a comment about Warota disbanding by Haruka has been posted in entertainment news site. So I write about it too.

“I’m sad about Warota disbanding. But after this, activity which is not Warota, you can see us in higher level tha before. I hope you also expect that.

Points of my corrections :

1. Bubaran. In the article, “Pembubaran” has been used, so I’m a bit confused of why this word is still used, because “Pembubaran” is more correct than “Bubaran”. 😕

2. Dilaporkan sounds weird in this article, “Dikabarkan” or “diberitakan” will be better for it. They have the same meaning as “Reported”.

3. Terus : “Lalu” or “Kemudian” will be better.

4. Itu telah diumumkan resmi : I think it’ll be better to write it as “Ini telah resmi diumumkan” or “Ini telah diumumkan secara resmi”. See the position of word “Resmi”?

5. Upload : it should be added with “Di”, to be “Diupload”, like English form “Uploaded”.

6. Haruka adalah fitur dengan cara berikut. As far as I know, usually people prefer saying “Someone is mentioned in this page/article” than “Someone is featured in this page/article”. So, I think it’ll be better if it’s written as “sebuah kalimat menyebutkan Haruka sebagai berikut” (“A sentence mentioned Haruka as follows”).

7. Tidak ada di center selalu will be better written as “Tidak selalu ada di center”. ^^

8. Some words in this article can be omitted to make short, like Adalah, dari, untuk, itu. Shortening words can also happen on Aktivitas dia dan contoh itu, written as “Aktivitasnya” and “Contohnya”.

9. Meminta aku actually is better written as “Menanyakanku”. Oh and also, in short form. 😀

10. Yang alasan adalah : I don’t really understand what it means, maybe it’d be better if written “beberapa alasan seperti” (“some reasons such as”)?

11. Toh, ayo berharap keberhasilan mereka : “Toh, mari berharap saja pada keberhasilan mereka” (nonetheless, let’s just hope for their success”)

12. Aku menulis itu juga : “Kutulis juga” or “Aku juga menulis tentang itu”.

13. Kegiatan yang bukan Warota : “Kegiatan yang bukan sebagai Warota

14. Yang tingkat ke atas daripada sebelumnya : “Yang lebih meningkat daripada sebelumnya” (“Who are more improving than before”)

15. Aku harap bahwa kalian harapkan itu : “Aku harap kalian juga mengharapkan itu” (“I hope you also expect that”)

Well, that’s all. Hope it can help you to understand about Indonesia. Oh, and I also add the English translation here in case there’s anyone who doesn’t Bahasa at all. By the way, since I can’t understand Japanese, I’ll have to apologize if my version isn’t equalized with the Japanese text. I only attempt to correct the Indo one. Hehe. 🙂 As for Joe-san, I’ve done my promise. Hope you like it! 😀

Members and Their Graduations

I was kind of late to write this in blog, but as my respect for Nyash, who is a bestfriend of Ghashapon, I think I shouldn’t have ignored and let it aside. Especially, there’s two more who decided to graduate after Nyash and Panda, makes me feel really dreaded that by the end of year we have to let some members go and drop their membership status.

Though the rumor about member graduation has been spread since Calendar Senbatsu voting, I never really thought that it’d be happen. I’m already used to hearing their names called and seeing their faces, and knowing that JKT48 members will never last long here is sad. What will happen if Ghashapon or Pipi graduates someday? I’d probably cry my eyes out and make a whole blog filled with her as my tribute, or create a song. But.. I can’t write a song, so that option is impossible. Haha..

Ghashapon’s message regarding to Nyash’s graduation :

“Nyash has a lot of abilities in art, but never shows them and Nyash is truly an idol, modest and patient idol. Because even before joining JKT48, Nyash has already been an idol, I hope Nyash out there can show something that people have never been seen before… Keep spirit Nyashuuuuu!!!

Nyashu is wonderful, can balance between college and JKT48, though the major that has been taken is hard (architecture), don’t forget to make me a house later, okay? Though we can’t reach our dream together, I’m sure one day we will be together again, hehehe. Good luck also with your Japanese language learning! Next time we will visit together in Japan and Korea. *eh?”

All I could say is thank you for all your had work in JKT48. You all; Stella, Nyash, Panda, Dhifa and Delli, have done and sacrifized a lot to stay in JKT48, and it will always be remembered by us fans. Hope after the graduation, you can pursue your future plan harder to reach every dream you have. See you next time. :’)

Dunno Why, But I was Crying a Bit..

Last Sunday, there’s a Handshake Festival held by JOT and the pictures showed looked so exciting and full of crowd. Nyash was very beautiful with her pink dress and Ghashapon also seemed enjoying her time in all event sessions.

We have princess in JKT48. 😀

I really wanted to buy the product that Ghashapon sold! ><

Melo commented them as ‘Mr and Mrs. Cosplayer’. And to put them together, they looked like Sun and Moon Princess!!

There was also a mini concert and solo performance by Beby, who wore army outfit in the event. It suited her so well! She performed [UZA] dance, which is my favorite AKB48 song. Good job Beby!

And when the Senbatsu for JKT48 2014 Calendar was announced, I couldn't help to cry a bit after noticing that there's no Ghashapon's name in Senbatsu list. Though Yona made it into Senbatsu, but it didn't really excited me so much because Ghashapon couldn't make it. I wrote on twitter, “I don’t know why, but I’m crying a bit after realising that Ghashapon can’t make it into Senbatsu. To think that last year, I wasn’t even a fan of JKT48 from the beginning. Now, I found myself shedding tears.” Perhaps it’s because calendar is something I could still effort to buy, and I really wanted to see my oshi smiling picture for a year. Especially, in preeleminary Ghashapon had made to the seventh place that gave me confidence about final result. But since none of us could really predict what would happen in the final, I guess I should have prepared myself to face the worst, which turned out failed, and I cried instead. Honestly, I felt childish at the moment… 😆

For Pipi, congrats for your success as one of the senbatsu for JKT48 2014 Calendar. For Ghashapon and Nyash, I will still wish for your luck in the next year. Keep smiling and full in spirit!

Here is Ghashapon’s story about the Handshake festival :

“Somehow there’re many who HS with me though, but thanks for handshaking with me. X) hehe. Since yesterday I wore lolita outfit, all people looked surprised, hehehe XP. Then there’s one who trembled, cold-sweating, and the speaking became stuttered. Then there’s children too, and pretty girls :*, mostly it was really exciting to be able to chat with you all. XDb There’re also many fans from outiside town XDb. There’re also from overseas hehe or maybe from another world too. *eh

Yesterday many people adviced me not to graduate yet, “still want to see you,” they said. Hmm… Touched… I’ll fight and keep in spirit XD. Just let the past event goes away and becomes a lesson, and keep strong to face every obstacle that comes, ehehehe.

Oh, yeah, since last year a lot of Japanese celebs/bands have been coming to Indonesia, so happy, in the past it used to be difficult. So it means that the friendship bridge between Indonesia-Japan becomes closer, wahh.. And the lolita outfit I wore yesterday was made by my friend, Coruscate XD. Keep making outfits to Europe! XDb hehe.

I’ll make another surprise in next Handshake event, for sure XDb. Just wait for the next surprise, okay? Hehe XD Oh, well, I want to watch KR Gaim first then~ whehehehe.”

A fan asked about her blonde wig, saying that few months ago she had tweeted about wearing this outfit. But will it suit with blonde wig? Since I’m not really into blonde, I can’t imagine Ghashapon with blonde hair. 😆 But I’m really looking forward to see the next surprise from her. So, Ghashapon, please keep staying in JKT48 as long as you can! *deep bows*

Side note : I googled up a bit and found an online shop in Facebook named Coruscate UniqueShop. Perhaps it was the said friend that made Ghashapon’s outfit? The profile photo looks kinda convincing, though..

Guess what I have found (or rather, given from)!!!

That was the second outfit Ghashapon wore in HS. Though the angle prevented me to see the detail of her outfit, it’s enough to fill my curiousity. Thanks for someone on JKT48Stuff who replied my comment with this picture link attached. 😀