Scents are Just Too Much

There’s not many of scented products I like to use, for example, pabric softener. I mean, it’ll be good to have your clothes smelled flowers or meadow, but for me it’s just like you’re using too much perfume all over your body. Weird. 😐 My mom rarely use scented pabric softener except for formal dresses. I suppose she also finds it disturbing and unnecessary to use. Then again, the scents aren’t too appealing for most people. I have several events when using scented pabric softener made me almost gagged. It’s so horrible that I couldn’t feel the softness of my clothes anymore. We, of course, would very much like it if our clothes are as soft and smooth as silk, but it’ll better without much scents.

When I was in ES, my mom once had use a brand of scented pabric softener for my uniform. I didn’t mind the smell at that time, though it kind of pierced my nose a bit (the hint was there to be ignored). I think my mom overused it so it got too scented. I went to school with my smooth and overly-scented uniform when one of my classmates came into my view with a wrinkled expression saying, “You’re smelly. I can smell you even from far!”. I chose to sit in the back of the class while silently (and embarrasedly) listening to my all classmates chatters about a very bold scent… Loudly. I thought my nose was numbed, and also my self esteem. Haha. 😐

I read that in Japan, they only sell non-scented brands and consider scented brands to be smelly. Well, I would love to buy one. If I could. 😡

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