Short Notice : Ojou Sammy and Shinkirou

It’s a short notice to fill up the archives since I haven’t made any post for this month. I’m a JKT48 fan and have been reading often whenever I get free time. Recently a post was published mentioning about a JKT48 fan who promotes the members through her tumblr site, under a name of “Ojou Sammy”. I think it’s cool to have a JKT48 fan like her contributing in sharing about members and their recent news. Good job, Ojou Sammy. 🙂

By the way, I watched some of JKT48 stage performances on Youtube and just found one song from Dare ka no Tame ni setlist, titled “Shinkirou” (the video link). It’s a duet song performed by Haruka and Ve and seriously caught me off guard because I rarely like their stage songs. The way they sung it was really good that I kept watching it over and over. 😆 There’s a comment asking if Haruka sung it in good Indonesian, and the answer is yes. She still needs to work over some pronunciations but over all in the video she sung it very well. Her voice also sounded well and reallu fitted with the theme of this song. Good job, Haruka. 🙂

Ah, it all makes me want to write about JKT48 again. (laugh) If anyone can be helpfull enough to give me idea for JKT48 coverage post, I’d love to accept it. 🙂 Oh, hey, I just watched some vids on youtube and found my oshi in AKB48/NMB48. It’s Ichikawa Miori A.K.A Lemon.

I like het jikoshokai very much, though hating sour taste. 😀