My newmade Doodleshop Account

I’ve been doing doodle art making for a year and already got some of my DAs posted on my personal Instagram account. I was hesitated to create another account because at first I didn’t really think it’d work really well; I almost got no order after a month of promoting doodle art gift making to my workmates. Now I suppose it’s a right time to start for wider market area, since my workmates seem to be less interested with it.

I promoted my doodleshop account on Facebook since all my workmates’ accounts are there. Hope they will start to visit and order soon.

Making a Beauty Blog

To be honest I don’t know if I should do this kind of thing. Couple days ago while talking about starting some side business with a workmate who had just opened her very first online shop, she suggested me to do MUA stuff since I’ve always been interested with cosmetics and makeup. I was like, “Oh, dunno. I mean I like watching tut videos and MUA’s pics but to do it myself is kinda bold.” I don’t have any camera of laptop to provide this and it seems like hard working job. Sounds lazy, right? (Laugh)
But still, I’m interested. Of course as a woman, we bend to these things; clothes, shoes, and makeup. And since I’ve been working as a sale promotion girl it gaves me some benefits to recognize what style suits me or unsuits me. I might be doing beauty blogging stuff eventually, though in unknown time.

Oh, by the way I wanna talk a bit about my new lipsticks. I bought Odessa matte lipstick 705 on February 26th and it only costs me about IDR 32k because that time we got 20% discount by purchasing two items. My workmate and I bought each one for us the same colour and it turned out as my newly favorite lipstick. Lasts about 6-8 hours if you don’t eat or drink too much so it’s damnly money saving for me. Yayy 😁😁

The other one is 703. The colour is soft mocca which I use for outside work purpose. 

The only thing is that it’s cracky on the edge inside my lips, so the line will be created there and the feeling is uncomfortable. But it’s light compared to lip cream, that’s why I still prefer this instead of repurchasing Pixy lip cream.

Helping People Day

Maybe I should call today as my one of helping day. After helping my workmate buying medicine for her toothache, I spent almost an hour helping foreigners purchasing some stuffs at the dept store. It’s quite enjoyable being the center of attention; not an everyday routine for you to see such long interaction between a store sales girl with foreigners. My mouth was kinda ached by using English, honestly hahahah… I think I have to do more practice next time, it’s getting harder now.

I also quite enjoyed my conversation with the senior of the three (as he said that the other two were his junior), he’s an easy going person and talked quite a lot too. He’s also bought some stuff for his wife such as earings and lingeries set, and also.. A comb. (Inserts Laugh here) I told him I was confused when my workmate gave the bill with a comb written there, but he answered by saying that’s for him ’cause her wife had forgotten to give him comb. Since usually I’ll never go anywhere without comb, it’s hard to imagine myself forgetting mine and my family’s. But it’s actually trivial thing that would happen to anyone, of course.

Anyway, for those who met me at Chandra Teluk Betung, Lampung, Indonesia today, I’ll be gladly helping your purchasing next time so just ask whenever you make some visit here. But I think it’ll be more convenient if you already exchanged you dollars before you shop, just in case.