Going home a.k.a balik ke rumah

Phew.. Finnaly arrive at home without getting drowned by the rain. Rasanya gx enak banget kalau pulang-pulang kehujanan, sementara gx bawa jaket dan baju yg dipakai juga tipis punya. Hahai. Show off a bit how sexy my body when got drained in the rain :P. Selama perjalanan berdebat mau pakai jaket almamater atau gx, ’cause si jaket punya bentuk yg sama sekali gx sedap dipandang mata. Heh. Salah satu teman bilang, “Jijik mbak pakai almamater.” :O. Jangan gitu donk mbak, give respect to our almamater. *nod to ownself*

So I don’t know what should do for now because i’m too tired to move a muscle. And also because of my close-to-period signals (read: weird lower stomach ache and the stickiness), it’s making me a bit frustased. Tanya kenapa? One Answer : Dysmenorhea, alias nyeri haid. *grumbling* beberapa teman cewekku ngalamin hal yg sama, tapi yah.. Begitulah. Kita bisa share pengalaman rasa sakitnya tapi bingung ditanya solusi. Yang satu katanya di urut aja, yg lain nawarin pembalut herbal yg 1 bungkus isi 10 seharga lebih dari 30.000 rupiah. Haha. Mau beli, inget kata emak, “duit abis cuma buat tampon.” akhirnya gx jadi. Hemad beibs.. :P.

Adzan Maghrib, it’s time for Shalat Maghrib. 😀

Oh, boy..

I wake up this morning and everything is so cooooold that even my wristwatch is freezing. Brr.. :s

By the way, I watch some show in NHK about Playstation Vita. Is it new or maybe just review? Oh well, but PS Vita is better than PSP from what I see.

Hm.. What to do? It’s 7.14 am and I think we all agree that we need some hot coffee for starter. And watching Video of JLo feat. Will.I.Am (and Mick Jagger?) *laugh*, my brother comments “What is that? GTA?”. Yeah, talking to GTA maniac. Eeh.. What’s the song’s name? I don’t get a chance to see the title. Damn. Lol.

Cooold.. Ugh.. I don’t want to write again, but.. It’s tempting. So what I’m going to share? Oh.. I’m watching December Fever (a Korean Drama) now. I think it’s getting close to the final. How sad, and the story is sad too. :/ I wish I could have watched My husband’s woman until the end. It’s such a sad story about a husband who cheated with his wife’s bestfriend, and after it’s revealed he chose hi wife’s bestfriend. At the end, they didn’t live in happiness as they had hoped. The wife even took pity on them. Tsk. It’s what we call as karma. So don’t cheat behind your husband/wife. *shake head*

Well, Good morning and enjoy your day 🙂

the quizes

Well, I must say the quizes are rather okay if we’re considering about how my previous quizes went. Even if I don’t get 100, I’m not going to be so depressed because i’m pretty sure i’ll get 70 or so. Haha. Talking about safety zone.

And as usual, no quizes without cheating people. Really, Is English that hard? To be honest, we just need to read and practice more. Almost all of the students cheated and the teacher couldn’t even do anything. Cool. And imagine when they teach at school.. *shake head*

Oh, and I’m going home earlyyy… YAY! 😀 my trip to home is too long and boring due to the poor struture road. Frustasing. No less than an hour being in my father’ pickup. Heh..

It’s almost 5 pm and i’m hungry and still on the way.. Bad combination. *groan*

I think I need to vomit, ugh.. Nauseaustic.

All connected

Good morning! I start my lovely Tuesday with a tea and some malt biscuits, and have my wordpress blog connected to my Facebook and Twitter page. That means more notifications on my e-mail. Haha *eyeroll*.

So today according to the schedule (do I have one?) I’ll have quiz for 2 subjects. Ugh, quizes. How you can be such a party pooper :/. And I still need to do my chores. So much for being a girl *laugh*, but I’m a fatty who need to work up her body and not to be lazy. Really, I’m 51 kilograms and it’s close to terrify me. A nightmare. *gasp*

Oh, weell.. Let’s categorize this post as not-so-random thing because I really make a bit of an afford to write it.

And once again, Good Morning!! 😀

Random, again :D

A bit hyper (I call for myself) because i got a new blogsite. Haha. (or it’s because the sugar?) *laugh*.

What? Don’t make a face like that. I’m bored and lights-out is such a pretty moodkiller. The oldy generator set is working again, but I can’t expect it to work in full power since its capability is a bit.. Err.. Limited. Ha. (figures). So my phone is an only available entertainment for now, and you can see how I got my randomness inspiration.

By the way, tomorrow I have quiz for Phonology II and Composition II. And still have tasks to finish. And my random mind to be straighted..

Yes, yes, you don’t have to say what you want to say.

It’s just a random thing, is it not?

My First Blog!

So.. This is my first blog entry and I want to start my official blog with a big welcome word.

Firstly I’m going to make a bit introduction here. Call me Annie, Ann, whatever you like. Since I’m not a native speaker of English, I’ll ask your excuse for the errors and mistakes. I’m still learning about English, well my college major is English as a Foreign Language :D. Most of my internet activities are spent on Facebook and Formspring. And here, Hopefully. *put an awkward expression*. But sometimes if the mood comes maybe I’ll post some entries in Indonesian language.

Err.. I’ll post again (maybe) ASAP.