Oh, boy..

I wake up this morning and everything is so cooooold that even my wristwatch is freezing. Brr.. :s

By the way, I watch some show in NHK about Playstation Vita. Is it new or maybe just review? Oh well, but PS Vita is better than PSP from what I see.

Hm.. What to do? It’s 7.14 am and I think we all agree that we need some hot coffee for starter. And watching Video of JLo feat. Will.I.Am (and Mick Jagger?) *laugh*, my brother comments “What is that? GTA?”. Yeah, talking to GTA maniac. Eeh.. What’s the song’s name? I don’t get a chance to see the title. Damn. Lol.

Cooold.. Ugh.. I don’t want to write again, but.. It’s tempting. So what I’m going to share? Oh.. I’m watching December Fever (a Korean Drama) now. I think it’s getting close to the final. How sad, and the story is sad too. :/ I wish I could have watched My husband’s woman until the end. It’s such a sad story about a husband who cheated with his wife’s bestfriend, and after it’s revealed he chose hi wife’s bestfriend. At the end, they didn’t live in happiness as they had hoped. The wife even took pity on them. Tsk. It’s what we call as karma. So don’t cheat behind your husband/wife. *shake head*

Well, Good morning and enjoy your day 🙂