the quizes

Well, I must say the quizes are rather okay if we’re considering about how my previous quizes went. Even if I don’t get 100, I’m not going to be so depressed because i’m pretty sure i’ll get 70 or so. Haha. Talking about safety zone.

And as usual, no quizes without cheating people. Really, Is English that hard? To be honest, we just need to read and practice more. Almost all of the students cheated and the teacher couldn’t even do anything. Cool. And imagine when they teach at school.. *shake head*

Oh, and I’m going home earlyyy… YAY! 😀 my trip to home is too long and boring due to the poor struture road. Frustasing. No less than an hour being in my father’ pickup. Heh..

It’s almost 5 pm and i’m hungry and still on the way.. Bad combination. *groan*

I think I need to vomit, ugh.. Nauseaustic.