All connected

Good morning! I start my lovely Tuesday with a tea and some malt biscuits, and have my wordpress blog connected to my Facebook and Twitter page. That means more notifications on my e-mail. Haha *eyeroll*.

So today according to the schedule (do I have one?) I’ll have quiz for 2 subjects. Ugh, quizes. How you can be such a party pooper :/. And I still need to do my chores. So much for being a girl *laugh*, but I’m a fatty who need to work up her body and not to be lazy. Really, I’m 51 kilograms and it’s close to terrify me. A nightmare. *gasp*

Oh, weell.. Let’s categorize this post as not-so-random thing because I really make a bit of an afford to write it.

And once again, Good Morning!! 😀