Heeeyy!! I’m an early bird! Lol. I’ve been awake since an hour ago and I think it’s a bit surprissing. 😛 oh crap! You caught me. Being a Muslim, wake up at 4 or 5 am is necessary. We have to do Sholat Subuh (Dawn) and then read Al’Quran (supposed to, but we have a lot of things to do at morning). So I’m a bad Muslim. Sorry, guys. But well.. That’s me. Don’t be a Muslim like me, okay? *nods*

Oh Gaaawd. My brother and mother are currently making fried eggs right now. The smell’s Heavenly. *drolls* I wonder why aren’t I hungry? I need breakfast! But I’m not hungry :O. Ugh.. The smell’s so good that I really want to have one, but I’m not hungry. 😦

Talking about foods (and in this case drinks), I’ve been addicted with ginger milk tea. Usually in my country we have ‘wedang jahe’ (ginger tea), but it’s to spicy so I prefer ginger milk tea. It’s a good drink, smells good because of the ginger and it warms your body. I caught a flu last night and got warmed up by this. So just try. At first I didn’t really like it, but it got delicious after the second glass. Haha XD.

And I’m drinking ginger milk tea now! Lol. I want to upload the pic but I post this on my mobile, which is not compatible. Sorry.. I will when I have a chance. And I still have 2 pics about foods I like. Maybe next time.

It’s seven already. Well.. Have a nice morning! 🙂

Miss my friends.. So much..

A random post again. Haha. I thank whoever views my blog’s posts because you’ve made my day. And I also got a sudden enthusiasm to post one more entry. You know, to kill my time. XD Ah well.. I just missed my friends, my besties from junior high school. I have them on my Facebook, but that’s not enough for us to get in touch. Huh. That’s just so sad.

I texted one of my jhs’ friends because I think she would at least give small reply. But I got none :(. I’m not sure if she still uses the number because it’s active when I misscalled it. But even if she’s not using the number anymore, either she’d exchanged it with other people’s number or something, I shouldn’t have been ignored like that. On Facebook she never replied my wall post. Like, what? We grow up and suddenly everything is just a faded memories? Pity.

I know that it’s a simple issue. But.. How can’t you feel sad and terrible if people you’ve considered as best friends don’t talk to you and act like strangers? So what’s the point of Facebook? Twitter? Phone cell? Internet? Heh.

Yeah.. It’s lame. Nothing’s eternal in this world. At least I’ve shared one of my sadness feeling. I’m not angry, really. Just dissapointed. *eyeroll* wish them would feel the same way, though.. At least a bit.

Almost 7 p.m. In West Indonesia Time. G’d evening. 🙂

Blogging this.. Blogging that..

Lol. You might get confused with the title of this entry, but weelll… I’m bored and I suddenly need some random talks. 😛 A week before my college trip to Yogyakarta and Bali, and I feel anxious as hell. Whoa, I’m going out of my province!! It’s a new experience for me so I really hope it’ll be good and smooth. And I’m sure I’ll be drained after this trip. :/ unpleasant, but it’s worth it.

Oh, and the good part (for me) is, I’ll get a laptop in a month. My uncle brought a new one and I’ve been asking to pay his old one. And He agreeddd!! Yosh!! *dances* I have a new phone (without my parents’ knowledge) and a new laptop on the way. YAY! 🙂

err.. for wordpress blogger, have you seen the new article about blogging tips from the bestseller author. Eh.. I don’t think I want to follow them, since I disable the comment and ping option. Why, you ask? Ehm.. I hope you understand that even I share my thoughts and stories on internet, there’s a moment when I just want to post a blog without worry about the comment. If the comments are good, then okay. But it’s just annoying when you got some comments like ”Cool, visit my blog blah blah blah” or “wow” or something random. I like random talks, but at least make afford on commenting someone’s blog with more decent words. Seriously, if you think that the blog is not really cool I won’t force you to give a comment. It’d just make me feel like my blog is really lame and unimportant that even the comment is uncouraging. I love blogging, it’s something fun to do but I don’t want to make it as an narcisstic obsession. So read, if you like it just press ‘like’ button or share it on your account. I’m not saying I don’t like my blop got published, you know. 😀

It’s 4 p.m. So g’d afternoon 🙂

At weekend

At weekend, you sleep too much, being lazy, getting bored easily, and sitting in a park is somehow more interesting. But.. Gw ngerasa lebih enak dan santai menyelesaikan semua pekerjaan rumah gw ketika hari libur. Sama-sama bangun siang, tapi entah kenapa gw malah lebih semangat bersih-bersih rumah pas akhir pekan. Mungkin karena gw gx perlu ngejar waktu sama kuliah kali, ya. Apalagi kalo di hari ketika jadwal kuliah lagi lumayan padat. Lumanyun deh jadinya.. *ketawa*. Especially because I can’t work under pressure. Bisa depresi. Bawaannya kalo gx berat badan turun, ya melonjak naik. Gx enak.

Last night I watched Twilight : New Moon. Due to no cinema in my small Regency and I’m just too lazy to watch it on DVD (and any other way that is possible), jadi gw belum pernah nonton. Hew. Katrok gx ya? Haha. But I’ve already read the book, both English and Indonesian versions though only via Ebook. Again, my Regency is too small to provide a proper book store. Rata-rata buku yg di jual educational, jarang yang novel-novel berkelas.. Yang ada novel kacangan yang ceritanya yaah.. Gimana ya. Haha. So I prefer Internet as my reading source. Tapi lebih baik ada toko buku daripada gx ada sama sekali. It’s dissapointing how a regency with large amount of areas such as Tulang Bawang is so lacked with facility like this. Belum ada supermarket, jalan-jalan masih banyak yang rusak. Gw pikir kalo tuh dana bisa dialokasikan oleh ORANG YANG BENAR ke TEMPAT YANG BENAR, Regency of Tulang Bawang is potential. Tapi ya kembali lagi ke pertanyaan awal, ‘SIAPA’?

Back to the topic, so far gw nonton New Moon.. Banyak editannya. Ha. Not that i don’t expect of. Yang jelas gw lumayan 60 % puas nontonnya. Liat Taylor yang guanteng and Six pack.. KYAAAA…. d(><)b he he he. What? Gw nih cewek normal, mana tahan yang begituaaan.. Wkwk.

Song of the week, Journey by Angela Zhang and Only Human By K. Both are drama's soundtrack songs, tapi beda negara asal. Journey is from 'At the Dolphin Bay' (Taiwan) and Only Human is from 'One Litre of Tears' (Japan). Kayak lullaby, bikin gw tidur.. Terutama Only Human. It's a wonderful song 🙂

anymore story? Capek ah.. Good day aja buat yg baca.

Pasar Malam (Nightly Fair) Pt 2

I’ve forgotten to post this. Lol. I should have posted it at Monday, but then I had something to do and the plan of posting the entry was cancelled. Oh, before that I’ve updated my About page and added Contact page. But I think something’s definitely wrong with the links because those didn’t work. Great. :/ Eh.. I updated it at the internet cafe near my campus, and it’s a bit surprisse for me because I wasn’t aware with it. Haha. Sebenarnya sudah pernah dikasih tahu, tapi gx yakin. 😛 It’s a small place, jadi kalau hari minggu atau libur gx bakal kebagian tempat. Yakin. Tapi yg jelas akses warnet jadi gampang. Secara wireless campus lagi gx bersahabat. Mau download gx bisa. Sayang sih gx bawa data cable, tapi mau gimana lagi.. Namanya juga tidak terduga.

Back to the topic, malam ke dua mengenaskan. Cuma beli martabak, maksudnya buat adik. Ternyata gx di makan, ya sudah makan sendiri. Baju yg ingin dibeli malah keduluan orang lain, ck ck. Dan begitu pulang membawa lelah dan ngantuk, baru muncul ilham kepingin beli mug. Wkwk. Jadi yaa.. Mengenaskan.

Semalam pun gx pergi. Udah capeeek banget karena pulang kuliah badan kayak di bogem. Di suruh mandi sama Dudulz ogah-ogahan, ngantuk berat. Di smsin adik sepupu ngajakin ke Fair lagi, aduh.. Gx kuat. Lagian baru 2 harian dibuka, masih lama. Pergi main ampe malam di hari kuliah bukan hal yg bagus. Bisa-bisa terkapar di tengah jalan, susah juga nantinya. Haha. *awkward laugh*

Pasar malam (Nightly fair)

I went to Nightly fair near my neighbourhood last night and actually.. It was not really exciting as I’ve expected. Maybe because it’s the first night of the fair. Ini keempat kalinya aku mengunjungi pasar malam, dan jaraknya cukup lama juga sejak kunjungan terakhir. Niatnya kepingin beli aksesoris ato apa gitu. Ternyata belum selesai dipasang standnya. Haha. Agak mengecewakan. I only bought a cheap purple shirt (always purple. Typical =.=a), and it’s was a hard choice between two types. Dua-duanya sama-sama ungu, cuma yg aku liat pertama agak seksi karena itu tanktop yg outer shirtnya jaring-jaring longgar. Kepingin beli yg model begitu karena liat temen pakai (beginilah yg namanya laper mata. Haha), tapi akhirnya beli model kedua karena adik sepupu juga beli model yg sama tapi beda warna. Maksudnya biar sehati. Hihi.

Karena emak juga ikut ke pasar malam, begitu deket-deket stand baju langsung mencari kesempatan biar dibeliin (sorry, mom.), itung-itung hemat pengeluaran. Hahai XD. Sayang gx berhasil, katanya gx sreg sama model bajunya. Gx apa-apa deh.. Toh nanti malam mau main lagi. Kebetulan pasar malam buka paling gx 15 hari. (hasek-hasek. :p)

Yang agak nyeleneh, pulang dari pasar malam di sms orang aneh gx jelas yg bikin acara telponan dengan si dudulz agak terganggu. Entah siapa aku juga gx tahu. Tapi mengganggu. Sumpah. Smsnya bikin bad mood karena selain spamming, ada beberapa yg isinya, “PS bareng nyok..” :@

gx tahu deh maksudnya apa. If PS meant Phone Sex, then I’d definitely say that this anon is a stupid creepo. SKSD banget ciiin.. Aku dibilang sombong. Haha. Dasar creepo bego.

Mungkin kalau malem ini main lagi, post ini bersambung ke entry selanjutnya. So, have a fun weekend.

How yesterday could be such an embarassing day..

So yesterday, I did quizes for two subjects and it was so embarrasing when I got dysmenore in the middle of the quiz. Damn period time. I’ll never bother about my being bleed for a week as long as it doesn’t involved overbearing pain. And sadly, yesterday could be such an embarassing and humiliating day when got my first day of monthly periods. Curses. Sampai jatuh di kampus dan dibawa ke ruang dosen. Kalau bukan karena sakit yg rasanya kayak digerinda, di ruang dosen aku udah nutupin muka pakai saputangan atau jaket mirip narapidana yg lagi di shoot kamera en di kerumunin wartawan. Wah, kacau 100%.

Yang membingungkan entah memang lagi sial atau gimana, pulang-pulang malah ban motor kempes. Etdah.. *mabokdarat* alhamdulillah sih rasa sakitnya agak berkurang, jadi gx kayak cacing kepanasan. :p. Setelah itu pun masih sempat-sempatnya hujan. Haiyah.. Diriku mengalami cobaan berat kemarin. Yg jelas, hari ini gx bisa kuliah (dengan terpaksa). Mau gimana lagi, kondisi gx memungkinkan. Hiks T.T

An advice for you, it’s better to be prepared in your first day of monthly periods. Bring painkillers or some cajaput oil. So you wouldn’t end up like me, if you have the same condition as mine.