Miss my friends.. So much..

A random post again. Haha. I thank whoever views my blog’s posts because you’ve made my day. And I also got a sudden enthusiasm to post one more entry. You know, to kill my time. XD Ah well.. I just missed my friends, my besties from junior high school. I have them on my Facebook, but that’s not enough for us to get in touch. Huh. That’s just so sad.

I texted one of my jhs’ friends because I think she would at least give small reply. But I got none :(. I’m not sure if she still uses the number because it’s active when I misscalled it. But even if she’s not using the number anymore, either she’d exchanged it with other people’s number or something, I shouldn’t have been ignored like that. On Facebook she never replied my wall post. Like, what? We grow up and suddenly everything is just a faded memories? Pity.

I know that it’s a simple issue. But.. How can’t you feel sad and terrible if people you’ve considered as best friends don’t talk to you and act like strangers? So what’s the point of Facebook? Twitter? Phone cell? Internet? Heh.

Yeah.. It’s lame. Nothing’s eternal in this world. At least I’ve shared one of my sadness feeling. I’m not angry, really. Just dissapointed. *eyeroll* wish them would feel the same way, though.. At least a bit.

Almost 7 p.m. In West Indonesia Time. G’d evening. 🙂