Heeeyy!! I’m an early bird! Lol. I’ve been awake since an hour ago and I think it’s a bit surprissing. 😛 oh crap! You caught me. Being a Muslim, wake up at 4 or 5 am is necessary. We have to do Sholat Subuh (Dawn) and then read Al’Quran (supposed to, but we have a lot of things to do at morning). So I’m a bad Muslim. Sorry, guys. But well.. That’s me. Don’t be a Muslim like me, okay? *nods*

Oh Gaaawd. My brother and mother are currently making fried eggs right now. The smell’s Heavenly. *drolls* I wonder why aren’t I hungry? I need breakfast! But I’m not hungry :O. Ugh.. The smell’s so good that I really want to have one, but I’m not hungry. 😦

Talking about foods (and in this case drinks), I’ve been addicted with ginger milk tea. Usually in my country we have ‘wedang jahe’ (ginger tea), but it’s to spicy so I prefer ginger milk tea. It’s a good drink, smells good because of the ginger and it warms your body. I caught a flu last night and got warmed up by this. So just try. At first I didn’t really like it, but it got delicious after the second glass. Haha XD.

And I’m drinking ginger milk tea now! Lol. I want to upload the pic but I post this on my mobile, which is not compatible. Sorry.. I will when I have a chance. And I still have 2 pics about foods I like. Maybe next time.

It’s seven already. Well.. Have a nice morning! 🙂