Our Independence Day Celebration

We had something unusual to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day this year. Last year we wore red-white costumes except for men who wore old ’45 freedom fighter costumes. Since we couldn’t bring phone in workplace there’s not much picture taken. Even the pics from supervisors didn’t give much because they blurred all over. So on August 17th this year our store superiors came up with the idea to wear Ethnic clothes. I firstly planned to use Balinese clothes, but I kinda run out of budget so it’s cancelled. I went with kebaya and Balinese sarung, borrowed form workmate and dorm neighbor. I did an updo hair with white rose clip for formal look and overdid my eye makeup. I even bought a hairspray to tame my hair, which resulted unending itchiness for my head. 😆

We’re surprisingly allowed to bring our phones for documentation. I think I got almost a hundred photos that day, hahaha.

Do I look good with kebaya? Honestly it’s such a great pain to work with formal clothes and corset squeezing my torso. Nonetheless our celebration was truly fun, it’s not something we experienced everyday after all. I hope next year we could have a parade like this again in August 17th. 🙂

Happy 70th Independence Day for our lovely Indonesia. *sings Indonesia Raya*

August 16th, This Year

Yesterday as a celebration on upcoming Indonesian Independece Day we had themed costumes and used for whole work time. My area got fishermen costumes, and since there’re mostly women we were stuck with old grandma’s kebaya and sarung. I used beach pareo because I thought it’d fit for my Balinese trait. Some commented it right away when they saw my costume, throwing jokes here and there. Still it was a fun day you wouldn’t see everyday. Especially when Ladies formal area and men’s wear appeared with their Dutch ladies-themed costumes, it felt like we’re having a parade here while working. lol.

Honestly it would look real enough if we used some properties like fish pole or net, but all of us were so lazy to search anything since the costume itself was difficult to find. Mine was borrowed from one of workmates who luckily still had some spares to use. No button in the kebaya made me use pins as subtitute. And We’re not that enthusiasted in the morning until people from second shift who got Dutch-ladies theme came with their extravagant costumes. Very beautiful and classy but I didn’t have the luck of taking pictures since we’re not allowed to bring any cellphone inside our workplace. Whoever came to all Chandra Dept. Store Lampung that day must have seen our costume parade, right? Lol.

If we’re having this again next year I’d make sure to make it hillarious as possible, if I could still be there of course. :p

Things These Days

I think I should make an update after weeks of hiatus. Well, not really hiatus, but a laziness. You know how I am as usual. I’m actually a bit confused of what title I should use for this post, so if it seems out of topic then please ignore and just read. And comment, as well.

I moved into a bigger rent room after its former user decided to move away due to our electricity problem. I’ve been waiting for this actually, so I called father to negotiate the price with my landlord for that room. The price is higher by 50k, but I got bigger size room which will benefit me if my family or relatives want to visit. It’s a good change. On the other hand, I had just been cruelly busted. Something I don’t want to share in details but let me tell you this; don’t trust anyone easily even if you really love them. Especially for those who are in long distance relationship, make sure that your lover has a good and genuine intention towards you. I don’t have much experience in dating guys and the current one I just had was a LDR, but it ended up with something so simple that it really hurts me. Trusting someone you think will love as much as you do but being betrayed eventually, is hurtful. But, well, it’s the real truth of life. For now, I will only focus on my job and family and try not to think about it anymore.

By the way, in 16th and 17th we’ll be having themed costumes to celebrated Indonesia Freedom Day. I plan to post the pic of my costumes in those dates. I got two themes; fishermen in 16th and Balinese in 17th. The preparations are giving me headaches everyday, but I’m also excited with it. I hope my sacrifice for not taking three days leave will pay me a great work time and sale. And also, we’re paid higher in ‘red date’, lol.

Oh, and since my leave is cancelled until next month, I hope this time I could post my second ‘going back home’ experience without being hindered by laziness. Haha.