Grateful to Choose English

In all honesty, I choose English for college because I don’t have to put up with Science and Math. Of course learning English is not just do some talking or writing in English, it’s actually a lot more than that. Back then when I was still a highschooler, I couldn’t grasp a single material of Math and got such extremely poor grades through three years of study. I didn’t even know why I had taken accountancy class, and the result was proved to be so ugly. 😆 to think how I am now studying a subject that I didn’t really like in the past, I’m truly grateful. Math has never been my thing, really.

People are right when they say that you have to go through all wrong things to find the right one. Well, not that Math, Science or Accountancy are wrong options, but they wouldn’t be all good if you had learnt them in force and ended up sucked. Like in my case, it didn’t go well when I was studying Accoutancy; all seemed rubbed me wrong and I began to hate it. Now I recalled that the materials weren’t so hard to learn in first place, so perhaps it’s me who had the problem. Or perhaps it wasn’t my right subject for me to choose. 😆 Yeah, now I’m in English program, studying English, and taking a goal to be an English teacher. I’ve never considered this profession, and I’m currently in process of being one. It seems a bit funny in my point of view, but the gratefulness is here. I’m grateful I take English. I, for once, finally start doing something I very much fond of. The feeling is wonderful. 🙂 Though now I’m aware that being a college student is way harder, all with stuffs and tests. 😆