Morning spirit

morning spirit

I used to go a couple of minutes early in the morning to my school just for enjoying its fresh air and orange view of sky. I recalled my town being a bit quiet without much cars and motorbikes passed by, the air got some chills to me, and the sight of sun peeking from East that would always make smile. In that moment I’d let loose everything inside my head and just simply watch. How I really missed those mornings.

It’s not that I can’t enjoy sunrise here, of course. But the feeling is different somehow. It’s still as beautiful as it’s always be, only it’s lacking of big buildings to block the light. Since I live in village that is a bit far from the city area, I miss that view. Maybe because I was raised in city so the sunrise I’d know is one behind the sky scrapper, or maybe I just haven’t seen sunrise much since graduated from high school. I rarely get chances to see sunrise because I always busy in the morning, and my classes start at 2 P.M. afternoon. Sunset is beautiful, but it’ll never be the same as sunrise. It’s like sunrise is a form of morning spirit for me. It rises, up to the sky and shines. It’s simply a breathtaking view. That’s the thing I always love about sunrise. And this morning I watched God’s masterpiece through chilly fogs, as if smiling at me with its light. Nothing can make me happier at the moment. 🙂