My Little Treasures

There are things that we will never have a heart to throw away. I guess I must be having a very big sentiment if I still keep all these things for such a long time. Those have been my possessions since I was in JHS, and looking at them again made my mind reminiscing the memoirs of my teenage days. šŸ˜† shoulda do it quite often then. šŸ˜€

Cardcaptor Sakura tricky diary.

treasure 1

treasure 1

This is my favorite -and first ever- diary. I think this is the book which I had very much took efforts on writing all daily stories. These covers are actually one book, that’s the thing I love most about this book. You can flip the cover like a tricky book in magician show. :3

treasure 1

Cardcaptor Sakura’s cards.

treasure 2

I got these cards when I was wandering around in a supermarket. My first thought was that I just had to have them. The blue one was from my bestie, though. She knew I bought others and gave me one on Valentine’s Day. Love you Jeane. šŸ˜€


treasure 3

I’m still keeping all these lame and memorable diaries though I never bother myself to read them. There actually should have been more, but I can’t remember where the rest are. Well.. They’re still worthy to keep anyway.


treasure 4

My Clamp’s artworks. Wow.. I just love this manga so much. :3 The story is not that good compared to CCS, but I still love it anyway. Clamp and their masterpieces. I bow to the experts. šŸ˜€

We’re in the end of year 2012. The moment when you find some little treasures that still keep beautiful memories in the past is truly good to cherish. Happy New Year guys!

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  1. I like your blog! It has style, content and a SYSTEM. I have to admit that the last mentioned element is missing in MY Blog at WordPress…. Keep blogging !

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