Power Problem

Living in world where you’re being surrounded by all technologies, makes people become dependent with them. Especially when it comes to electricity problem, since this is an important energy source. I’ve been struggling with powers out several times in this month, once even for two days straight. I use two phones, and one I usually use for internet often died before I even had any chance to recharge it. No generator set available. We stuck with candles and torchs. Some creepy moment? You have no idea. And the top of all, mosquitoes. Damn those little blood-sucker bugs made me freaking crazy. How wonderful, being accompanied by bugs, not a lover. 😆

It troubled my mind to think about that situation. Particularly on the point of how I tend to be dependent on all my gadgets. Couldn’t use my laptop to finish all assignments didn’t bother me so much; I have times. Cellphones, are different cases. Both are important, and it will be hell if I have to find my little entertainments died in the dark night, that’s just pathetic. You couldn’t imagine how I felt when I wasn’t able to access internet due to a died phone. On the other hand, it also caused me a disturbing realization : I’m gadget and internet addicted. :O

There’s a news on TV about Korean students addiction to smartphones and internet. I don’t use any smartphone (I want to, really. But my budgets…), but it’s still a phone to be an addiction. The most point is internet; I practically can’t live my day without internet access. I use every chance I got to log in Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress. Sometimes it feels so boring with all status updates and tweets, and even to write a single post was a hard task for me. But I can’t help it, it’s just close to having a withdrawal. Scary, huh? Now that I often have to endure myself from using my phones more than necessary in sake of the battery, I also have to endure my addiction from accessing internet. It is not a simple thing to do if you ask me, like you try getting rid of annoying itches. Well, I have to do this. I value my healthness. Gah.. *shakes head* 😐

4 pemikiran pada “Power Problem

  1. for laptop, only use the battery for that kind of situation so if you experienced a blackout, you can survive for a couple hours using the battery while pray that the electricity will be back soon.

    I also an internet addict (almost spend all day in front of my computer), but i’m glad that God gave me special ability to sleep anywhere anytime. The power is off? just close my eyes and hope it back again when i wake haha

    • I would, if my laptop’s battery wasn’t damaged. Since I can’t use it if unplugged on contact. Well… Waiting is probably the only thing I can do whenever the power’s out. 😆

      Oh lucky you. I’m insomniac, it sucks to wait when I really want to access internet.

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