Being a Fan

One thing I love about Fans forum discussion or if some fans made blog posts discussing about their idol, is that they make you realize you’re not the only one who holds an interest towards certain public figures. For example, I’ve been a great fan of Owl City and currently have a sight on JKT48, but not many people I know in my neighbor town who have similar interest to either of them. In fact, most of my friends don’t even recognise Owl City or think that JKT48 worth enough attention. Naturally I rarely talk about my favorite things so I guess it’s understandable if I couldn’t find anyone who is also fan of Owl City or JKT48. It makes me wonder if I was just being coward to speak out about my interest. šŸ˜†

Two of my college classmates are big fans of SuJu and often being together talking about its concerts, reality shows, songs and PVs almost EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE. At first I thought it’s so annoying to see them spending their time spooning and cooing how SuJu was so awesome, or their shows were so funny or else. It’s just so weird, you know, because at school you’re supposed to talk about subjects and schoolworks instead of a bunch of almost-too-perfect men who won’t even realize that you exist and fancy them. I’ve been in love with all Adam Young songs in both Owl City and Sky Sailing MP, but that doesn’t mean I have to talk about it all day with the others and underestimate the importance of school time. Moreover, I was the first one who talked about SuJu and K-Pop so it was kinda awkward to see them so into SuJu more than I was. I, on the other hand, like Owl City and JKT48 who both are famous, but still feel like I’m so alone because I don’t find anyone who’s interested enough to discuss with. It looks like I feel envy with their enthusiasm. šŸ˜

Now, back to first things I mentioned above. Since I don’t have any friend to discuss, fans forum and blog posts kind of fill my loneliness as a fan who can’t discuss her idol with other people in real world. In internet forums and blogs I can make comment to discuss with other fans and give my personal opinion of my favorite public figures. Though I’m separated by a big amount of distance with them, I always look forward to talking with other fans and create more friendships with new people in similar interests. Actually, having a blog in general is also because of them same reason, that I have way too many things to discuss but no one up for them. Having a discussion with other bloggers is actually more active and valuable than in socmed, somehow. It’s not like there’s no group in socmed that holds a good discussion, but mostly the TL just get flooded by lame and OOT posts. Sorry, in my opinion blog gives better chance for good discussions that is similar in forum.

By the way, I’ve been reading JKT48 general thread in for hours. My eyes got tired… I don’t know if I could read all of pages since the thread has more than 390 pages. At first I tried to read it backward from page 392, but I felt dizzy so I chose to read from the first page. So far I’m still on 40-ish. Ugh.. I hope I can make it, I’m too curious to stop it now. But I feel safer being a silent reader than joing the thread. I’m too self-conscious to be in discussion.

Anyway, anyone also a fan of either Owl City or JKT48? I’m still a casual fan of both but I’d love to talk and share a lot of things with you guys. šŸ™‚

I almost forget to bid my greeting for Idul Fitri. Minal Aidin Waal Faidzin, I heartfully beg your forgiveness for every mistakes I’ve been consciously or unconsciously doing in all post I’ve made. Happy Idul Fitri 1434 H for all Muslim societies. šŸ™‚

9 pemikiran pada “Being a Fan

  1. Hi, me again!

    You like Owl City? Me too!! I can’t believe this! I love their–or is it his, since it is a one man band–music. šŸ™‚ The music feels like it takes you to different dimension. And the idea that a single man creates a ‘band’ is out of this world. šŸ˜€

    As of JKT48 my sisters would give me this weird look on their face at a tiniest mention of them. It’s almost sinful to like them.. *sigh*

    • Lol I think we should talk more about both in the future. šŸ˜€ You know it’s like you meet two different person when comparing between Adam Young projects : Owl City and Sky Sailing. Owl City gives you every single live view form the children eyes to the heart of lovers, but Sky Sailing is capable of making me like living in a old dreamworld. He’s a genius in music.

      Well, I rarely talk about JKT48 in front of people. They usually got the impression that I’m a serious gloomy person, so it’ll be weird if I suddenly have the mood to talk about JKT48. Haha. My brother has a neutral taste of music and he’s okay with “River”, but we also rarely talk about JKT48 though.

      • Yeah, we should. It’d be fun šŸ™‚

        My sister doesn’t think JKT48 as ‘serious’ singer since they don’t always sing live on TV. But then again even Beyonce lipsync-ed when she sung the Star Spangled Banner and it’s during the President Obama inauguration ceremony, so, yeah..
        The concerts that were aired on TV is also dubbed, I mean, they sung live during the concert, but the guys responsible for airing it (Trans7? JOT?) overlap the songs with the pre-recorded ones for the ones that’re aired on TV–you know what I mean, right?

        To me from the beginning up until now, I see JKT48 as performers and as that they’ve done more than just a decent work considering. More than the performances the allure for me is the members struggle and how they always surpass my expectations.

        I’ve never heard Adam Young’s Sky Sailing. I’m a bit slow in following the currents lately.. But I’ll look up to it.

        • Actually, Adam made Sky Sailing before Owl City. But he only produced one album in this MP.

          Ahh yes. Mostly they only do open mic to differ from lipsyinc, and if it’s not overlapped then we couldn’t hear the song clearly from TV. It’s normal for TV station to do that, not just for JKT48. So if anyone think that JKT48 is not proper singer then I guess they need to have an ear checking. Most people (especially 48family fans) agreed that JKT48 is better in singing, so they shouldn’t be doubted. Well, as long as loyal fans still stand to support JKT48 then we don’t need to think too much about those negative comments about JKT48.

          • Ahh, I see.. so he’s multi-dimentional, then. Awsome.
            Since I first listen to the sounds that he’s creating I felt that he’s trying to get us somewhere in oppose to just singing a song. We only get to see very little that kind of musician these days.. such a shame.

            Direct hatred or dislike is better than ignorance, so negative comment and criticism is a kind of hidden support and attention? I prefer to think it’s so though. šŸ™‚

          • and, oh.. You support Ghaida, no? Happy to know that she made the top three in the Tenshi no Shippo unit song. A big shock with Melody, though..

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