Coffee Effect

I can never fathom why Indonesian people (especially the adults) would always ask this whenever they saw a girl drinking coffee; “why does a girl like you drinking coffee?”
I mean, is it considered rude or weird if us girls having a coffee-drinking habit? That would be ridiculous if you ask my opinion, since drinking coffee doesn’t depend on genders. Care to elaborate why they tend to ask this kind of question?

I can’t recall the first time I started drinking coffee. At first, coffee was not something I’d love to drink, and usually I only had tea every morning. After such a long time having several cups of tea per day, I got a bad reactions like extreme bladder demands (which sucked), bad headaches and nauseastic feelings. I couldn’t even stand taking a sip anymore, so I decided to choose coffee instead. Though coffee is no better option than tea, at least I don’t have to go to the toilet several times. šŸ˜†

My mom was actually against the idea of me drinking coffee and often warned me to avoid it because she knew it could be an addiction. I reassured her by proudly saying that I won’t get addicted. šŸ™„ I realized how wrong I was that time when I started drinking coffee more than once per day, and I would feel slightly grumpy if I didn’t my daily coffee intake. Yeah, I got eaten by my own words eventually. Haha. Now I always laugh inwardly whenever my mom caught me putting a kettle on the stove, and instead of scolding my coffee addiction she will just ask me to also make a cup for her. That’s what I like about coffee; both my mother and I are addicted to it, and there is always the time for us to sit and enjoy our coffees together. šŸ˜€

Both of these instant coffee brands below are my favorites.

luwak white koffee

Luwak white koffee

torabika mocca coffee

Torabika mocca coffee.

For now I’d much prefer drinking Luwak white koffee because it tastes unique. It’s also my mom’s favorite, while the other one is my father’s. Funny , huh? šŸ˜‰

Just for those who have gastritic history, you should have known to avoid this stuff. I myself also has gastritic problem, and I often get some bad effects after drinking coffee such as rapid heartbeats or stomachaces. So make sure to drink coffee after you eat solid food, not in empty stomach. It’s dangerous.

A thing like coffee could affect you like this, so beware. šŸ˜† šŸ˜€

Until later people.

7 pemikiran pada “Coffee Effect

  1. I can relate to this post. I had a habit of drinking hazelnut flavored coffee with cream and sugar once a day. I stopped after learning about the chemicals and pesticides in it that are bad for your stomach after a long period of time. Coffee had such a hold on me! Recently I started the habit again. Yes its addictive! But I really want to stop again and give it up for good!

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