When I think about Marriage..

Happy Tuesday!

Since I got a feedback from Vera Parrocha to write English posts more often, I decide I should do it today for a start. In advance, thanks to Vera for giving me a good feedback on my ‘about me’ page. I know I should have writen more English posts since I’m taking English major, and I’ve mentioned a lot in my previous I bahasa posts that I really want to use English more in my posts. It’s one of my post goal, actually. Lol.

So what I want to share in this post is about yesterday class debate between two class teams. The topic was about marriage in young/under ages, and I was placed in ‘contra team’ or as the team who disagree with the idea of young/under ages marriage. It was a rather good debate, though I wasn’t really fond of the topic. Marriage is not something I would like to talk about. It’s more like talking about traumatic events, since my knowledges about marriage had always been filled by bad memories (my father being a gambler and making us faced many financial problems, almost-broken home event, ect). I knew that not all people have the same experiences, knowledges and thoughts as mine, and one of the pro team members had voiced this. But still, It’s hard to accept the concept of marriage, whether in young or adult ages.

Do not get me wrong, marriage is still an important thing to me. My boyfriend and I have a lot of talks about it and our next future. Of course I can’t guarantee if I’d marry him in the future, but the plan is here, and I’m seriously considering it. What makes me a bit reluntant is myself. Am I ready to live with someone for the rest of my life? To have and raise chlidren? To take a responsibility as a wife, daughter in-law, and a mother? Now, it sounds like a major dillema for me. Lol. Maybe I’m just paranoid, I don’t know. I can’t seem to ignore this level of anxiety.

I Actually wanted to say out lou on debate that I disagree with young/under age marriage because, obviously, I’m not young anymore. Heck, I’m 21, and most of girls in my neighborhood had married in age 17-18, or even less. God, haha.. But the point is, no matter in what age you want to marry someone, just make sure you’re ready to take that step. You’re lucky if you decided to marry in young age and your marriage life is full of happines, while other people don’t experience the same as yours. That’s also my biggest dream. 😀

Last words, I’d like to make a trivial note on this post. I decide to make English posts as weekly routines, maybe one or twice a week. It’s just to remind myself that I need to improve my English by writing more in English. So I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it. What’s your opinion? 😀

Until later people. I’ll post more. 🙂

5 pemikiran pada “When I think about Marriage..

  1. Interesting post. There will always be an ongoing debate about marriage. Being American, this culture doesn’t promote marriage at such young ages (17-20 or younger) and I don’t think it’s healthy in this culture either because at that age you’re still learning yourself – what you like and don’t like, and there’s still so much room and time to change and grow apart. The divorce rate here is still at around 50% and a lot of young people no longer believe in the institution of marriage but I think it can work between two mature people who will do anything in their power to honor their commitment.

  2. Hi Ann, let me tell you one thing, This House Believe that Marriage at young age is justifiable.. LOL.. There are three prominent reasons why this should be endorsed.. hohoho.. First, at psychological view point… […] to be continued… hehehe.. Anyway, let’s not have a tough debate on this topic because everyone has the reasons why they would do and won’t do that. The point is that let’s just have some fun..

    Best Regards,

    • What kind of fun exactly?
      LOL, I know right? It was just a debate about some random topics given by our lecturer. I thought it was interesting to discuss here. Anyway, thanks for commenting. 🙂

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