What an ESL student needs for skill improvement

I had a new lecturer for conversation class yesterday, and there was a bit of bad impression when he asked us to give three-minutes speech based from one of random topics in small folded papers we picked from a jar. I got a topic about preference between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, so I gave my choice and explained it as much and good as I can. Phew, that’s a tough one to do. 😆

I am glad that my impromptu speech wasn’t failing me. I got 75 for my score, while in another hand most of my classmates got average scores in 65. After all of us had finished our speechs, he gave his conclusion in our first meeting. He seemed to feel a bit dissapointed because we still weren’t good in speaking, though we’re already in third semester. He then let us took a break for 15 minutes and one of my classmates said, “Oh my God, this new lecturer is so active! I am always nervous when I stand in front of class and start saying something.”

What was also funny that the same mate, with several others asked me to sit on the front seat so I could help if they had some difficulties in using the exact words.

You now knew what I’ve said about a bad impression.

I won’t blame their difficulties in creating English words into a speech, because I myself wasn’t good either at the moment. Inwardly, I just knew that they personally thought that his words were too blunt, but factually made senses. It’s just kinda unnerving if a third-semester ESL student still isn’t used to speaking in English, since he/she is currently taking English major. You may be very good in grammars, reading comprehension, translation or even writing compositions, but when it comes to speaking… Well, it will get you nowhere leads if you still aren’t improving your speaking. Including myself, I still speak English in stutter and got a slight blank state whenever I want to say something in English. Especially when I am very nervous, which is a very normal thing for us people.

We spent the next hour of the meeting by recieving his lectures which mostly were his experiences (obviously) and some tips to improve our speaking skills by listening Western songs and watching its movies, since we’re in English major. I agreed with him, just didn’t really accept his reprimands about our taste in musics. Though I actually like listening western musics, I don’t find it alright to hear someone “mocking” my taste in local musics. It was a personal thing that I don’t people to mess around even if they think they have rights to do. Well, at least he isn’t bad to look at.. 😆

So let’s make a conclusion from this event ; speaking Improvement, that’s what an ESL student (named ‘me’ 😛 ) need to do for now, along with other important subjects. 😉

Until later, people. B)

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