Nothing Special

Valentine, meh. Well, I don’t hold grudge or anything against Valentine Day whatsoever. But sometimes people tend to be too overreacting about this for my liking. Like a lot of people had said, Valentine isn’t that special. You don’t have to wait for this day to show how much you love someone or waste tons of choccolatte. After all, people make a big fuss about it because they think it’s cool to have your anniversary, wedding, etc etc on Valentine Day. Oh, wow.

For me, Valentine Day is just like any other day. It’s a talk for a couple of hours, some small events, then show is over. Nothing is special and important about it, really. However, since I hate being a party pooper and ruining the moment, I’d just wish you all to have a good and happy Valentine Day. Now now, I’m not that bad, right? 😆

I don’t have many memories to remember on Valentine Day. Exchanging chocolattes or other stuff were only between close friends, and they were not that much. I guess having a boyfriend now won’t change my opinion about Valentine Day. Even my first homemade chocolatte was for my bestie. If you think it’s special to celebrate, then so be it. There are people who either have partners or still single, making too much talks that it’s quite sickening. You get things from your boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s not surprising. You whine about not having a valentine, well… Just seek for one. Isn’t it simple? It’s too much if you met someone who didn’t ever bother asking about your day and started gushing about Valentine Day over and over.

I did learnt to make a chocolate candy for the first on Valentine Day when in junior high school. I guess melting chocolate bars and reforming it with cute shaper are quite fun to do. My besties and I exchanged our chocolattes and were like, “ah, mine are kinda weird. Yours are better.” I sorta missed it. 😆

Happy Thuesday, and I guess.. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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