What is Weird About Dreams

You know what was weird last night? I dreamt about shopping. I went to some kind of shops and watched people trying to make their own clothes. I was dumbfounded when someone I recognized asked me if I would like to buy something, and I said no. But honestly, it felt like I was a junior high school tennager, wearing shorts and shirt and talking to myself, “our market back home is nothing compared to this.”

Weird, indeed.

Mostly I rarely remember what I dreamt about, though in some occasion I do wonder about it. Many dreams I’ve remembered usually were very strange. For example, I dreamt about going to a bar and getting harrashed by someone, and it was a dream of a ten year old kid, (What kind of kid who dreamt about bar and harrashment??) Or when I dreamt about Tarzan eating meaty flesh. It was maybe the reason I truly despise zombies and other things involved with zombies. There were also some dreams that reflected my desire on things I really wanted to do, like hanging out with my besties in junior high school. And it’s kinda confusing when in those dreams I’d mostly be a 16. I suppose that age held something unconsciously special in my mind. Well, my teen experiences were more meaningful, so I can’t complain much. 😐

Dreams are weird, and related to weird things too, like sleep paralysis. I’ve experienced this several times, and those were absolutely unpleasasnt. My first sleep paralysis was in my birthday’s night, and I recalled dreaming about walking into a wet, cold alley towards a man who stood far away with his back on me. Midway to that man, suddenly I heard a lot of talking and laughing, mixing from men and women and it was the scariest dream I’ve ever had. I became aware that it was a dream, so I made efforts to wake myself but I couldn’t. I thought I was going to die at the moment, but eventually I could open my eyes and woke with a loud gasp. Years after when I finally found out about sleep paralysis, I still had a hard time accepting that this experience was a form of sleep disorder and not a sign of bad future. It was happened again twice without dreams, but the laughing and unability to wake up were still scary enough to make me feel disturbed. Of course, hallucinating of people laughing directly on your ears was scarier than having a nightmare. Not that I prefer the second option, though. 😆

Other things like lucid or premonition dreams are only adding the proves that there is something weird about dreams. Or maybe, was it just me who tended to dream about weird things? Boy, I don’t even have the slightest clue about it. 🙄 let’s just ask God then. *heading towards the mosque*

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