Being Healthy

I think I fully agree about this statement, “health is a valuable thing that’s given to us everyday but rarely got thanked for.” Especialy after being sick for two days with all those pains. I’m mostly at a better condition and mood now, my fever has gone and no headache to kill my head. The sore throat is still here, though it’s a lot better than yesterday. I can’t be more grateful for this recovery state. God bless. 🙂

Being sick also made realize that it could give such a great effect on my activities. For example, results of last two days posts. I’ve writen short, lame, senseless pieces of crap, and I’m dissapointed. I always make sure not to let sickness influences my writings, because it’ll end up very crappy. But, well, it’s not like I could control it, right? The point is, I’m so glad I’m being healthy again. 😆 it’s also short to be honest, but at least it’s more decent than the previous posts. Haha. Weak excuse, I know. I’m a bit out of ideas after being sick. Luckily it didn’t damage my brain. :mrgreen: Well, to make this post has a bit eventful element I actually want to tell that I had fun with my little brother this afternoon. We were reading and downloading latest Onepiece chapter and some from Naruto via my laptop. Few weeks ago I thought it was a disaster when I had to re-instal Windows 7 due to startup damage, but after getting bluetooth adapter installed now I don’t need too worry about the lack of modem. I can connect to my brother’s phone via bluetooth and use it as modem. Haven’t even known anything cool like that until I discovered it. I love you bro. 🙂

Hopefully I won’t get into the same condition in near future. I hate being sick. 😐

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