Sunday and Chinese New Year

Ah, Chinese New Year. Before moving to my current town my mother and I used to pay her friend who married a chinese a visit. Not annually, but often enough that sometimes I felt like I celebrated the day too. Besides the cakes and cookies were great. I’m a bit dissapointed ’cause there aren’t many chinese people in my town, therefore of course won’t be any festival held to celebrate Chinese New Year. It could be a cool entertainment to watch in holiday. I think this semester break won’t be much things to do, though the movies on TV seem interesting to watch. I almost regret not downloading a lot of videos when at campus when there was a lot opportunity to do that, otherwise My day wouldn’t be this boring. 🙄

By the way, lights went off after finishing my first post of Liburan Goal Post yesterday. I thought it’s just so weird, like it’s already planned by God to happen in exact time. God sure has a unique way to prove that there’s no coincidence in this world. 😆 Honestly I don’t have any clue what to write today, so please excuse me for making a short post with no important topic to talk. I’m running out of ideas.

At least I made efforts, right? Well, enjoy your sunny Sunday pals. 🙂 Hopefully your quality time with family will be joyful. Happy Chinese New Year also for those who celebrate it. 😀

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