TV in My Dorm

TV in my dorm room is not really a newest addition here. I’ve had it for about a month, and so far there’s no problem with it. Though my brother already knew, I had yet to tell my mother about the 14 inch TV bought by my dad. I think it’d be a bad news for her since I know how much she hates people spending too much money for unnecessary things. Practically, having TV is not much of use since I’m working for eight hours and sometimes too tired to watch anything on TV. But can’t someone blame me if I want a bit entertainment in my small room? And also, it’s only an old tube TV costed 200 thousand rupiahs.

My favorite programs I usually watch are three Indian series’ aired on ANTV; “The Adventure of Hatim”, “Mahabharata”, and “Mahadewa”. “Mahadewa”, or “Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev” for its original title, is my most favorite of the three. It fascinates me to watch the romance drama of Mahadev Shiva and his wife. It also becomes the main reason for me to start liking day shift, because in night shift I can only watch few episodes for a week.

The only thing that makes me feel annoyed about my TV is the noise coming from its inside. At first I felt so scarred because I thought something had damage it and asked my father to fix it, but he brushed it off by saying that the sound was nothing but the TV machine. I even asked some people in my dorm house who knew about machine, but they also said it was nothing. Even though it made me feel reassured, the noise is still an annoying thing I have to bear whenever I watch TV.

There was a time when I felt so annoyed with friends from another room who wanted to watch a program on my TV. She asked if She could be allowed to watch, and I gave it thinking that she wouldn’t be too rude when watching. It ended up with us watching the program for almost two hours and that was two in the morning. Not only that, they didn’t even tell me if they were too exhausted to continue watching and started to sleep with the TV still on. Really, that was really rude of them. That’s why the next day I told them I didn’t want to watch TV too late. I knew it’d make them feel I was too arrogant, but there’s no way I would let them disturd my sleep time just because they want to watch some program in the middle of night.

But after all, having TV is a luxury I would treasure so much. Though it’d also means I have to pay more for the rent (or not, who knows?), I think that’s not going to be a big deal. I still can afford with my salary. 🙂

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  1. Annie, To say the truth, I like the style of your story telling. It is very natural and therefore easy to read. Congrats,

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