Responses, Funny Story, And Other Things

Two days ago I was told by Joe-san about responses for url of my “lolita Ghaida” post that I asked him to post there. He was shocked by someone who recognized me, probably from my activity on JKT48Stuff. I’ve read the thread translation via Google, but since it’s really messed up and hard to understand, I failed to notice that. I wonder who was it? I’d love to talk more on JKT48stuff. ^^ Nonetheless, the responses seem good so far, I’m happy and grateful for people who give positive comments. I will do my best to write more about Ghaida and JKT48.

So, I have a story to share here. Actually it’s posted months ago by a Ve fan (because he wrote, “Shy yet fashionable”) who handshaked with Ghaida. He shared about how he had rejected “Ghaida’s love” in HS, and it was really hillarious that I still have the urge to laugh everytime I read this. Quoted (and translated) from the post;

Ghaida’s line at that time was still. There were only about 5 people. I got the third turn. It’s interesting to watch first two people when they handshaked. The first one, I didn’t know what they talked about that he/she didn’t even look at Ghaida’s face at all in those ten seconds. The second turn, Fan and Ghaida looked like they get along well. While waiting, I once overheard Shania shouted, “There, what you wanna say!”. Fan who handshaked with Shania at that moment suddenly cringed.

Finally I got my turn. The chat was kind of like this;

Me : (Thump, thump, thump)
Ghaida : (Thump, thump, thump)
Me : Do you love me?
Ghaida : Err… I love you… I love all people..
Me : Oh, but sorry though, I have to reject you.
Ghaida : Aww… Why?
Me : Well, because I already have a girlfriend. Sorry..
Ghaida : *silent. (Her grab was loosened. She was silent before eventually made a comment.) Yeah, we know who’s the one with a girlfriend here. I’m the single one. Cocky.
Me : *Laughed happily*
Ghaida : Where’s the said girlfriend now?
Me : In Halmahera.
Ghaida : That’s so far, though. Pass my greeting for your girlfriend, Kak.
Me : Yes, thank you.
Ghaida : Keep supporting me, Kak. *Gave me sticker*

At first he wanted to buy Ve’s ticket, but it’s already sold out so he bought Ghaida’s instead. I didin’t know whether I should be amused or pity for Ghaida being rejected by a boy. And the top of all, she was asked first by the person. 😆 Don’t worry Ghashapon, one might reject you, but there’re still many who would accept your love. 😀

By the way, I found this from Twitter. It’s a message from Ghaida in Melody’s first photobook, which was released yesterday.

That message says : “Hi, Teteh Ines (Sister Ines). Keep spirit, okay? Hope your college study is finished soon!”

The doodle she drew was kind of random, but I like her handwriting. Ahh.. When will Ghaida have her photobook? I’ll be looking forward to it. 🙂 Ah, and also, I actually become so fond with this picture;

Ghaida has “camera awareness” moment. It’s really perfect angle when her eyes were directed on the camera (maybe not, but it looked like she was). Ahh… I really want to see Ghaida in concert!! ><

6 pemikiran pada “Responses, Funny Story, And Other Things

  1. Ping balik: まと速 テレビ・芸能

  2. sering2 ngpost d jkt48stuff dong 🙂
    sering2 jg translate-in 2ch tentang jkt48, fans Indo penasaran ttg pndapat dr fans jepang buat jkt48.

    • Oh, aku ga bisa bahasa Jepang, jadi kalau mau translate 2ch ya susah. Biasanya aku pake Google translate, meskipun sebenarnya itu susah banget karena bahasanya jadi kacau. Tapi aku pasti berusaha menyampaikan apa yg dibicarakan fans Jepang tentang JKT48.

  3. I am sorry for [ this time also ] the comment in Japanese.

    Thank you for Twitter showing renewal of the blog report about Ghaida. ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ





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