New Thread on 2ch : “GhaiNya”

Yesterday, I just read a post on a JKT48 fan from Japan, Joe-san, about a new thread on 2ch (by the way, Joe-san can speak bahasa, and it’s very good!). 2ch is a popular japanese forum, and a lot of fans in Indonesia have been talking about this forum after a JKT48 thread was made here. There are already two threads about JKT48 members made, Rikasen (Rica-Sendy) and Fenabi (Ve-Nabilah). I’m sure you can find the Indonesian translation of Rikasen thread on Google, so please check it. And now, they got a new addition, GhaiNya (Ghaida-Diasta/Nyash)! I’m so happy that finally my oshi has her thread there, paired with Nyash. After seeing Nyash performed [River] on TV weeks ago, I’ve become so fond of her. She can sing well, her posture is so well-build, and she has a great personality. Ghaida and Nyash are also bestfriend, and they are paired in this thread! I can’t contain my excitement about this news so I decide to share this here. Here is the thread;

Thread [Ghaida&Nyashu] in 2ch.

Before this post is writen, I’ve visited the thread and read a message for Indonesian fans there. I really want to give a comment on the thread, but I’m not sure I have enough courage to tell what I think about Ghai and Nyash. The point is, I really hope for fans in Japan to give a lot of supports for JKT48, especially for Ghaida (and Nyash, to make it fair). Ghaida has been through many problems in her early year as JKT48 member. I know that it’s not only her who have faced that, but Ghaida is a good member and she has a lot potencials. She still needs more push from fans, though I can see that her fanbase is so royal of her. And for Nyash herself, she’s not that active in social media and rarely appears in TV performance. I’ve also heard often that she also rarely performs on theater because of her study. But believe me, once she performs it’s almost an perfection. I tweeted a lot after her performance talking about how her posture (especially legs and her height) was well-build and she was (actually) easy to spot. Many fans have said that her dance skill is so well so it’s dissapointing that management haven’t made mord promotion for her. Together with Ghaida, I think they have great potencial as JKT48 members. Maybe this thread will be a beginning to open management’s eyes to push them? I don’t know, still not sure what will happen :lol:. Guess I think too much of it. 😀

Ah, I almost forgot to thank Joe-san’s friend by making the thread. I’m really grateful and indeed happy for it. If Japanese fans read this, hope you have fun there and keep supporting JKT48 and GhaiNya! 😀 Don’t forget to check my post about Ghaida here! Her cosplay pictures are so good that I almost cried when seeing them for the first time. So proud of her!

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