Good Bye 2015, Welcome 2016

Ah, tahun baru. meskipun sebenarnya ga ada kesan apa-apa yang berarti saat pergantian tahun, masih dikasih kesempatan untuk melewati 365 hari kemarin patut disyukuri. Alhamdulillah, tahun 2015 ada banyak hal baik terjadi meski ada juga kerikil-kerikil kecil yang nusuk jari kaki atau bikin lutut lecet dikit. Tahun 2015 kemarin bisa aku lewati dengan kuat.

Inget tahun 2013 dan 2014 silam, dua tahun itu berat buatku. ortu memutuskan untuk berpisah karena masalah keluarga yang pelik dan tumpukan hutang segunung. Aku harus pergi ke Bandar Lampung dan berusaha selama sebulan penuh mencari kerja sampai muter-muter hampir seluruh daerah Tanjung Karang, Way Halim dan daerah lain yang infonya didapat dari koran. Pertengahan Desember baru akhirnya dapat kerja yang proper dan setahun berjuang ngebantu Emak dengan penghasilan minim. Itupun musti nutupin biaya harian hidup ngekos. Kayaknya ada deh post yang aku tulis tentang malam takbiran tahun 2014 yang sedih banget karena ga bisa pulang kampung. Alhamdulillah banget pas 2015 kemarin aku bisa pulang kampung juga, bulan Maret dan Agustus. Allah SWT. selalu menjawab doa ummatnya yang ga pernah berhenti dan berusaha.

Tahun 2015 juga tahun yang baik karena banyak event menarik yang terjadi. Ga cuma tentang pulang kampung, aku juga ngalamin hal baru. Abis pulang kampung pas bulan Maret, konter dipindah ke pulau seberang sebelahan sama konter Tri-H dan Triset. Terus abis lebaran aku juga pindah kamar yang lebih besar meskipun jadinya bayaran nambah. Bahkan aku juga ngalamin rasanya ngebantu teman yang kehilangan motor sampai bisa ketemu lagi, yang kata orang-orang rare case banget untuk sebuah motor hilang bisa balik lagi. Menjelang akhir 2015 aku banyak melakukan aktivitas yang fun, seperti ikut ngeband sama teman kerja, atau masuk rumah hantu dua ronde pas sekali nyoba. Pas buka akun IG kemarin, aku mulai tertarik nyoba doodle art dan zentangles yang emang udah bikin aku tertarik dari Agustus. Sekarang aku lumayan rajin posting drawingsku di Instagram dan banyak dapet apresiasi. Seneng deh!

Kalo kerikil-kerikilnya sih, ada yang gede ampe bikin jatoh gegulingan tapi ada juga yang sakitnya gurih-gurih nyoii, yaa yang bisa dinikmatin gitu loh. Et jangan salah, sakit dan susah mah ga selalu efeknya buruk. Kadang dari hal tersebut bisa berefek positif atau bahkan humoris. Intinya dijalanin aja biar ga terlalu stress, dan selalu berdoa serta berusaha dengan sebaik-baiknya dalam hidup. Harapanku semoga tahun 2016 menjadi tahun yang lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun yang sebelumnya. Amin.


Friday’s Talk : What’s My Word for 2015?

I was a bit upset that Mas Dani didn’t notify me about Blog English Club. I write some English posts on my blog and definitely will never avoid such challenge like this. Since I don’t have Whattsapp account, via blog is the only way to parcitipate. The topic for this Friday is;

“What is your word for 2015?”

I had a slight difficult time to find the exact word since we just are in the beginning of journey. It’s still unknown what to conclude in recent days. The first day if this year I spent in double shift work and it felt like there’s no new year. Flashback to 2014, struggling from job seeking to the results of all small things I could finally affort to buy in my small dorm room happened as af they were just yesterday events. I guess the thing that popped up into my head about this year is “What’s next?”

“What’s Next??”

working has been one of long-term and in progress things I achieved so far. There is still way alot to reach in working or other things. Last December I was a year old being a SPG, in the same brand since my first day start working. I wonder, will something new happen this year? Still with my current job or new one?

Others things also have become some discoveries for me during 2014. My independent life living far from my mother, matureness, and awareness of my surroundings. From the smallest ones, like my style and appearance, plus attitude. I no longer feel self-concious with what I wear and happily accept the concept of beauty with makeup without making myself look like a walking clown in a sunny day. I try new things, be more confidents in front of camera, not shy over my long curly hair which has been growing its original shaped after it got smoothed straight with ironer and chemicals. Yes, confident is still a problem for me until today. I’ve gained weight and came back to being a, let say, more filled girl than I used to be when living in Tulang Bawang, but it no longer makes me feel like an ugly duckling. If I am fat, then people just need to accept me as I am. I can still be beautiful with what I wear, say, and do. I don’t want to worry over trivial things and just focus on more important parts in my life.

All of them eventually made think about my next move. I now get job, checked. I bought things with the money and saved rest to help mom paying debts, checked. I now can accept myself as a woman who can have a beauty and no longer feel ashamed with appearance, checked. The top of the list, I know I’ve been managing to do them until now, checked. Now, what’s next?

Sending my experimental short story on some local magazine is one of my recent future plans so far. I think by just writing romantic fictions on my diary won’t give me any meaning as long as it’s just me who read them. What’s challenging is that I will be writing them in English, while in fact I only had one or two experiences sending Indonesian fictions to a magazine publisher and it can’t help much for my confidence. But as what I always say to myself whenever done doing something, “So, what’s next?” will be my slogan for this year. And I’m sure I can get many answers for this question.

By the way, Happy Friday and Happy New Year 2015!

New Year

I forgot to make a special post about new year and it’s already 4th of January. Last Thursday I got double shift started from 7 AM – 9.30 PM and I had to wake up pretty early for that. It’s actually a very exhausting work day and I never imagined that my new year day was celebrated by working double shift a half hour earlier than usual starting time. Friends who’re off that day posted pics of their small party and statuses of new year wishes, both Facebook and BBM. I on the other hand didn’t have the time for that because I couldn’t make it to my dorm in break time. We only got half an hour for break so it’d be a waste if I insist to go home. Good thing I could sell two tops, though. But to be honest, I really regret taking double shift that day. The next day I also got morning shift, so it felt like I didn’t go back to my rent room for two days. My room smelt really bad because with its cramped size all unwashed dishes I put on the corner gave off really strong odours. Puls after work I’d always be much lazier than usual, so it’s no help for that.

For those who think that we must have loved our job too much that we still open in New Year, let me tell you that it’s a hell lot of sacrifices for my time, health and my life. Hmph.

But aside of that, Let’s hope for this year to be one of our best year. Few friends in my workplace have held some wedding and party in this month hoping for good luck in New Year. Though I barely felt my body with all the sores, At least I know I got paid really good for my double shift and holiday shift, as good as I could hope. Plus I never really do special things in New Year’s Eve and Day, so I guess it’s so much productive this way. Hope you’re blessed by Allah. Amen. Happy New Year 2015!