Beautiful and Surreal

For recents years I haven’t been into K-pop music though I sometimes still see few names on youtube such as CL or those cute boys like BTS. And there’s no doubt that I’m in love with their dramas so getting in touch with Korean taste isn’t that far. A few days ago, CNN Indonesia showbiz reviewed about BTS’ performance and it somehow made me recall about my chat with workmates before. I talked about “Goblin” rerun on local tv and one of them said, “I don’t really like watching Korean dramas, they are too beautiful and making me feel surreal.” Honestly, I laughed because long time ago I also felt the same. Before Korean wave stepped its feet in Indonesia, almost all local TVs aired Taiwanese dramas and movies which also gave a bit same effect as Korean did. Beautiful actors and actress have always been a fascinating sight to watch, so hence the reason why us Indonesians always are so into white and smooth skin. Now, with Korean wave invading our life style and every other aspects, just watching them on tv would give some surreal feeling and wonder why such those creatures could exist. You might find what I said sound funny, but that’s what I’ve always thought every time I watched Korean dramas.

These days I begin to feel some matureness after experiencing independent life living as a worker and alone renting a room in small boarding house. No idea if  it influences my view about beauty and such, but somehow I don’t even feel too much awe like I did before when watching them again. They’re still beautiful and surreal but not in the way that makes me blinded and faint. I just watched BTS’ “Dope” video few minutes ago to prove my theory  and was like “Oh, this is good. Okay. But no need to follow them”. So that’s it. Years ago I would almost scream if Super Junior was on the screen, and now I only see them as good performers and nothing else. When thinking about this, I feel like I’m actually behaving like an adult should be; stick to the realistic facts. And the fact is, they are selebrities. Only fun and entertaining to watch. (Btw, I like this song so I’m kinda their fan heheh..)

I don’t say this to discourage K-pop fangirling since I was actually in the same league years ago. But in my experience a person’s view can change in the matter of time and deep down I already know that beauty shouldn’t be something to pursue too much. I mean, Korean selebs are all beauties and sexy and fashionable but those are just for temporary. When I watched “The Return of Superman” on Youtube, I saw a father of a son who was an ex-boyband member aged into someone so much different. Though still had some fine feature, the difference didn’t go unnoticed . And that’s what I’d always think every time I watch Korean selebs; will they always be that beautiful and surreal Until they age? It might be too much but someday I’d be happened even for beautiful people like them. 
I wonder how CL would be when she ages, lol..

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