Helping People Day

Maybe I should call today as my one of helping day. After helping my workmate buying medicine for her toothache, I spent almost an hour helping foreigners purchasing some stuffs at the dept store. It’s quite enjoyable being the center of attention; not an everyday routine for you to see such long interaction between a store sales girl with foreigners. My mouth was kinda ached by using English, honestly hahahah… I think I have to do more practice next time, it’s getting harder now.

I also quite enjoyed my conversation with the senior of the three (as he said that the other two were his junior), he’s an easy going person and talked quite a lot too. He’s also bought some stuff for his wife such as earings and lingeries set, and also.. A comb. (Inserts Laugh here) I told him I was confused when my workmate gave the bill with a comb written there, but he answered by saying that’s for him ’cause her wife had forgotten to give him comb. Since usually I’ll never go anywhere without comb, it’s hard to imagine myself forgetting mine and my family’s. But it’s actually trivial thing that would happen to anyone, of course.

Anyway, for those who met me at Chandra Teluk Betung, Lampung, Indonesia today, I’ll be gladly helping your purchasing next time so just ask whenever you make some visit here. But I think it’ll be more convenient if you already exchanged you dollars before you shop, just in case.

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