My Impression on D’ Academy Asia

The first time I heard about D’ Academy Asia in Indosiar really gave me a bit nervous feeling because how dramatic our national channel shows could be. It’s lived streamed via and has been airing for 5 days at 7 PM until midnight. I thought something ridiculous would happen to the point of shaming our faces. Please don’t get me wrong because I really appreciate Indosiar’s effort to air such a big competition like this. If the producer didn’t come up with this idea, I would have never known that there’s a lot of non-Indonesian singers who can sing Dangdut very well. But I can’t help myself from frowning over the choices of elements in this show, for example; the hosts. If it were me, I would have chosen different hosts or added one host another country. Instead of usual faces or jokes I already used to hear in D’ Academy or Bintang Pantura, I would love to invite a famous host from other three countries and share new jokes with Indonesian hosts. I would be an interesting distraction to prolong this show duration.

For the format, I think it should have been different with D’ Academy or Bintang Pantura, for example; like showing contestants’ background in PT to make an introduction for unfamiliar faces. I knew some of the faces like Mimifly or Shiha, but got blank on others like Abby Tinara or Sai Firza. For me it’s such a pity I don’t get to know them first because it could give a fresh impression to the contestants and the show itself. The show has very long duration slot and how the creative crew only waste it with jokes and unnecessary distractions made by the hosts irks me so much. The only thing gets into my mind is, “Annoying! Why can’t you make it different with what I’ve usually seen in D’ Academy or Bintang Pantura?” I mean, if it’s meant to be an international show (or regional, because the purpose is only for 4 countries) the production team should have made some observations about what an international show would be expected. If it’s only based on usual Dangdut competitions held by Indonesian channel, what’s the different? What I can only see is an Indonesian Dangdut competition which invited singers from neighbor countries to join, with usual boring and prolonging distractions. Not international kind of show held in Indonesia.

Let’s make a comparison with shows like Indonesian Idol or X-Factor. I know they’re adapted from America so the format looks so international-like. It’s expected from this kind of show. I don’t say we should do the same; adapting international shows to make our look as international-like, but at least it’s expected to be different. Like the shooting angles, the stages, or other supporting elements. I feel somehow it’s missing, or actually kinda avoided. Dunno.

The plus point of this show is that we got a new feeling of watching Dangdut competition. The contestants come mostly unknown and promise us an excitement; we don’t actually know which is better and it’s such a fun to hear new faces singing their way/version of dangdut. And I feel somehow that this is the real competition I’ve been wanting to watch. I love watching our songs sung by singers from other countries. I hope it wouldn’t be the only Asisn Dangdut competition to be held, and there will be more after this. By the way, please remember that this is just my own personal impression and thought and this has nothing to do with the show itself. I’d be glad if you like this show, but don’t let this change your own thoughts. I really appreciate this competition because I love Dangdut so much, so no matter what I wrote in this post the show gets full support from me. 🙂

4 pemikiran pada “My Impression on D’ Academy Asia

    • Yep! And I was a bit surprised it still runs although we’ve already seen that in fact it’s just like any other program from Indosi*r which runs with the same pattern of jokes and prolonging session of talks.
      Btw, thanks for visiting my blog.

    • It’s not like I don’t like the competition, I just wish they would stop prolonging the duration. Every session for a contestant is about an hour, even the other countries’ viewers will start to get bored by it.

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