Lights out and Dry Season

It’s a relief to see some raining since few weeks ago. Dry season in Bandarlampung is different than in Tulang Bawang, but it’s still hot nonetheless. My room is usually hot as a human oven every time I come back from my day shift work. At the day when Sun is at its highest point, my room walls get heated and an electric fan does little to cool down the temperature. I feel bad that even though my room is one of he biggest rooms in second floor, with the condition it feels so troubling.

The dry season also causes constant lightsouts which means you have to face the heated nights or buying fast foods when you’re kinda tight in budget. I’m not used to with this kind of situation and it’s really annoying to wait for 3-5 hours until the electricity gets normal. A couple days ago when I went to a nearby internet cafe to play online games and get some video watching time, we got a light out right after the billing started to run for few minutes. Though the clerk was kind enough to give me free pay, I was still dissapointed with it.

By the way, I have been recently addicted a bit to facebook online games. I used to play life simulation games such as The Sims or Harvest Moon when we still had a playsation at home. I often play Farmville on Facebook and it’s fun enough though all I do is planting and harvesting.

Last week I tried playing City Girl life and it has fastly became my favorite games so far. I set my character as a pixy-cut hair with baby doll top and skinny jeans type girl. I also set her dream carreer as an author, which is actually my own dream career. I think this is the reason why people like playing games like these types, because we can be antyhing we want in games.

Again about electricity, Dad bought me an emergency lamp to anticipate it. I’m greatly helped by this, but I kinda wonder how he handles his own problems if he always buys thing for me. Lights out isn’t actually giving much problems though I can’t stand the heat. I hope he could afford to buy things for himself because I in fact have my salary to provide myself.

Oh, and before I forget, I just watched the news this afternoon about the fog problems in some of Indonesian areas, especially in Sumatra. I also hope it’ll get over soon now that we’re starting rain season. Just imagining the other places have to endure living with mask every day is really hard.

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