My New Inspiration : Oshin

Have you ever watched Oshin? Since watching some of old Japanese drama “Oshin” on Youtube a few days ago, I begin to feel a bit encouraged to do works in workplace and even chores at home. I really adore Oshin as a strong and spiritful woman who worked fully hard for her family without complains. I also begin to realise that all things happened to me recently in fact are far too easy compared with the life Oshin had been through, but can’t stop complaining and blaming the faith though the truth is not always that bad.

Recently these days aren’t the best time of my life. A lot have happened that they really depressed me; pressures from work, unstability in my finance and my father who has been ill and needs support for his recovery. Those happened to be a very big burden on my shoulder that I would often find myself crying and sulking alone constantly. Though I could always share my problems to workmates, they can’t do much as being listeners. That’s why I usually keep them to myself, because I rarely feel satisfaction by sharing my problems.

I watched the drama of Oshin’s hard life and wondered, “Is there a person who can work and live like Oshin did?” Not even my mom, who has been my inspiration in life could ever reach the dedication that Oshin showed. That’s why I said to myself that even though I can’t be as strong as Oshin, I will follow her example to be able to smile and feel spiritful even in the worst time. I think those kind of people are very charismatic. It’s a great drama to be watched by our generations, so we can understand what a hardship truly is. The people in those days were so wonderful. I hope I could be as dedicated as them one day.

Please watch this drama on Youtube because it’s far more interesting and educating than those on channels you usually watch.