Our Independence Day Celebration

We had something unusual to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day this year. Last year we wore red-white costumes except for men who wore old ’45 freedom fighter costumes. Since we couldn’t bring phone in workplace there’s not much picture taken. Even the pics from supervisors didn’t give much because they blurred all over. So on August 17th this year our store superiors came up with the idea to wear Ethnic clothes. I firstly planned to use Balinese clothes, but I kinda run out of budget so it’s cancelled. I went with kebaya and Balinese sarung, borrowed form workmate and dorm neighbor. I did an updo hair with white rose clip for formal look and overdid my eye makeup. I even bought a hairspray to tame my hair, which resulted unending itchiness for my head. 😆

We’re surprisingly allowed to bring our phones for documentation. I think I got almost a hundred photos that day, hahaha.

Do I look good with kebaya? Honestly it’s such a great pain to work with formal clothes and corset squeezing my torso. Nonetheless our celebration was truly fun, it’s not something we experienced everyday after all. I hope next year we could have a parade like this again in August 17th. 🙂

Happy 70th Independence Day for our lovely Indonesia. *sings Indonesia Raya*

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