Making Review, No Answer, But No Review Displayed After That

Okay… I am actually miffed to find something like this happened. I recently updated my bbm app and was surprised to see the whole new design of my updated app. Which is like these;

I’ve been so used to old design that I instantly complained the round shape of display picture. I mean, WHY. ROUND. WHY?!?! Why the BBM needed to change its shape duplicating other apps look? I was actually okay with the functions and others except for that part, because when I changed my pic several times the round shape looked reaaallllyyy disturbing. What did I do after that? I complained. I made a review on BBM page telling that I hated its display picture round shape. Clicked submit button and left it for hours.

Only to find it got deleted. None. Nada. No trace of my review on BBM page. How rude. Tsk, tsk.

I would have screenshoted the review after submiting it if only I knew they were going to delete any flaring review and ignore users’ complaints. But, well, it’s not new and unsual in internet to get your thought ignored and deleted. At least I hope the BBM team could take my suggestion about changing back display picture shape to old one into account. For such a popular used app, surely you could just accept it instead of deleting?

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