Friday’s Talk : My Wildest Dream

“What’a your wildest dream?” had been one of most common questions automatically sent into my inbox and had never really been in mind until we got this as our Friday topic. Honestly I never have any wish on something extreme or wild so when asked it’d make me confused. Kinkiness doesn’t interest me either since it’s kinda gross for my taste. we could name everything to become our wildest dream, conquering Mount Everest, winter skinny diving, Living in the wild ( there goes the wildest dream named), or maybe trying to eat some disgusting food from something more disgusting than you could ever imagine. I’ve read someone answered that she would like to have a piercing on her private for this question, and it was just really surprising for an Indo girl to have that kind of wish. I’m still not sure of what I’ve considered as my wildest dream, but this is my answer;

My Wildest Dream = Cut my hair off and go bald

For me, my wildest dream is a thing I’ve been wanting to do since forever but never got courage to do because I have to sacrifice something I treasure so much. What’s the biggest fear of a long haired woman who hasn’t visited barbershop for 5 years? Of course the haircutting. Let elone baldie, the thought of your head resembling a garden big lamp is simply terrifying. Despite that, I can’t help but become interested of how people would see a bald woman. Moreover, sometimes I’m getting tired of taking care my hair and thinking about having a new style. Whenever I get bad hair day it’ll just pop in my head, “I want to go bald!!!”. Somehow it makes me feel like being a bald is the new side of something I’ve just discovered. It’s a shame that I’d never try to do it since I love my hair too much too cut it. The only way to see me without hair probably is with the help of photoshop. LOL.

Others might be having kinds of wild dream which seem more interesting too read, but I’m just having a simple one like this. Well, as I said I’ve never really thought about it before so I guess it’s wild enough.

3 pemikiran pada “Friday’s Talk : My Wildest Dream

    • Nope, not really. I want to try bald because it seems challenging, but not brave enough to do it. If it’s because I have mental breakdown then it must have already been done long time before.

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