This Month’s Stuff I bought

I rarely fuss over things I bought, but I can’t fight the urge to show them off on blog. Recently I’ve been obsessed with makeup products and really eager to tell my experience using them. One or two were repurchased, the rest were new additions.

1. Sariayu Brown Eyebrow pencil Pro Brown
First time using it didn’t give me much impression. The SPG told me that the texture was creamer than basic SA EB pencil, but I never tried this brand so I couldn’t tell the different. It sure was creamy, but I had a difficult time to use it so at the end I had to redone my eyebrow drawing. Later it started to feel less dificult, then finally okay to use. I just have to keep my eyebrow dry to apply it.
It costed 20k IDR special price, while the basic one is also in the same price but can be reduced with 10% discounts from Chandra VIP card. Anyone who happens to Live in Lampung and shop regularly here should have the card for the discount, it really helps.

2. La Tullipe Eyeshadow Base.
I had asked this at Marcella Cosmetic Shop, located near my dorm and has been a welknown cosmetic shop in my area. The price for both shops (Marcella and Chandra LT Pro cosmetic counter) cost same, but I got 15% special discounts in Chandra, from IDR 28,500 to 24,225. I thought it’s like a cream, but actually more like balm. When applied it’s a bit too sticky for my liking, and this made my eyeshadow colour darker. Not really impressed, but it’s worth using. For you who has problem with eyeshadow color and stay-power, this stuff works fine. After few tries I start using it less because of the stickiness. If you don’t mind it, then it’ll be good for you.

3. Wardah Lightening Two Way Cake refill No 2 ‘Natural Beige’
Repurchasing for the product, but new for the shade number. I usually go with 1 ‘Light Beige’, but somehow I feel it’s too light for my skin tone and I’m afraid my face and neck will go different with it. Haven’t tried yet, but the shade is a bit um, darker. I think it’s yellower, but I don’t know until I try.

4. Pixy Lip Colour Conditioner Pink
I’m a first timer for this stuff. Costed IDR 22k and got Pixy 20% special discount. Worth buying, It’s hard to apply at first but got better after two times using. Some of my friends often use conditioner stick when they’re too lazy to use pigmented lipstick. I can now see why. I chose pink instead of orange since I hate orange colour applied on my lips.

5. Pixy Black Eyeliner Pencil
At the end I prefer this than Viva black automatic liner. I’ve been using both for moths and realized that Pixy fits for my eye condition. Although less long lasting than Viva, I would rather choose this one because whenever I use Viva my eyes easily get tired and bleary. Well, beauty is pain but if we get the better way to make it less then why not? Costed IDR 25k, also got 20% discounts. So with the conditioner stick I just needed to pay approximately IDR 35k. Lurrrvvve shoping discounts so much.

Next time I will write more about my makeup stuff. If I get the chance and courage, though. All images I used for this post taken from several blog, so the credits are on them.

5 pemikiran pada “This Month’s Stuff I bought

    • Kalo aku sih lumayan. Kalau dipakai di bawah garis mata smudging, kecuali kalau memang suka kesan smudge ya bagus. Tapi kalau di waterline alias bagian dalem, mataku langsung pedih. Beberapa kali pakai baru terbiasa. Waktu itu liat temen aja lagi pake, terus doi nawarin. Masih dipakai tapi jarang, palingan buat cadangan.

    • Awalnya juga nanya bukan krn niat beli sih mbak. Aku nyari Viva Eyebase gel tapi di Lampung susah nyarinya. Yang ditawarin La Tullipe, tapi memang banyak yang bilang kosmetik La Tullipe ini berat pemakainnya jadi kalo gx cocok mending jangan dipake. At least udah pernah nyoba. Hehe. 🙂

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