New Year

I forgot to make a special post about new year and it’s already 4th of January. Last Thursday I got double shift started from 7 AM – 9.30 PM and I had to wake up pretty early for that. It’s actually a very exhausting work day and I never imagined that my new year day was celebrated by working double shift a half hour earlier than usual starting time. Friends who’re off that day posted pics of their small party and statuses of new year wishes, both Facebook and BBM. I on the other hand didn’t have the time for that because I couldn’t make it to my dorm in break time. We only got half an hour for break so it’d be a waste if I insist to go home. Good thing I could sell two tops, though. But to be honest, I really regret taking double shift that day. The next day I also got morning shift, so it felt like I didn’t go back to my rent room for two days. My room smelt really bad because with its cramped size all unwashed dishes I put on the corner gave off really strong odours. Puls after work I’d always be much lazier than usual, so it’s no help for that.

For those who think that we must have loved our job too much that we still open in New Year, let me tell you that it’s a hell lot of sacrifices for my time, health and my life. Hmph.

But aside of that, Let’s hope for this year to be one of our best year. Few friends in my workplace have held some wedding and party in this month hoping for good luck in New Year. Though I barely felt my body with all the sores, At least I know I got paid really good for my double shift and holiday shift, as good as I could hope. Plus I never really do special things in New Year’s Eve and Day, so I guess it’s so much productive this way. Hope you’re blessed by Allah. Amen. Happy New Year 2015!

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